ROMNEY — Helping Hands has announced their donation total for last year, and the numbers are continuing to increase: 2020’s total clocks in at $74,100, which is over $2,000 more than last year.  

Breaking down the numbers, the 2 organizations receiving the most from Helping Hands in donations are the Romney Food Pantry, which will be receiving $18,000, and the Committee on Aging, which will see $14,000 from the organization. The City of Romney will be swimming in donation money after receiving $5,500 for the Romney Pool, and Hospice of the Panhandle will see $4,500 coming their way.

Catholic Charities will see $4,000, and Toys from the Heart will be receiving $1,000.

Six fire companies here will also be receiving donations of $800 each: Romney, Capon Bridge, Augusta, Springfield, Levels, North River (Rio) and Slanesville.  

Also accepting a large chunk of last year’s total from Helping Hands are the school backpack programs around the county. The total amount given to these programs will be $19,500, and 7 schools will each see portions of that for their backpack programs. Romney and Augusta Elementary Schools will be receiving the most ($3,500).

Capon Bridge Elementary will welcome $3,000, while Springfield-Green Spring, Slanesville and CBMS will be seeing $2,500 each as well. John J. Cornwell will also receive $2,000.

Mary French Barbe, the president and manager of the organization, said that she just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who donates their time to volunteer with Helping Hands.

“The volunteers, they’re what makes it go,” she said simply. “We wouldn’t be able to give back if it wasn’t for them.”

Every spring, Helping Hands crunches the numbers and divvies up the money they’ve received throughout the year and provides substantial donations to various organizations in the community. The Romney thrift store sells donated goods from clothes to housewares to furniture, and their credo is that every penny goes back into the community. The 2019 donation total was reported at $72,000, while 2018’s total was $67,000.

Helping Hands receives donations all year round and anyone interested in learning more can call volunteers at 304-822-8448 or visit the store on 24 W. Main St. in Romney. 

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