One candidate has filed for each of the seats available on the Romney municipal ballot this year.

As of Monday afternoon, Mayor Beverly Keadle had filed for re-election as had Town Council members Carl Laitenberger, Derek Shreve and Gary Smith.

A 4th council seat, held by Duncan Hott, is also up. He has not filed for re-election, but resident Lisa Hileman has put her hat in the ring.

All the terms except Shreve’s are for 4 years. Shreve was appointed to fill an unexpired term that has to be voted on this year, then returns to the ballot next year for a full 4-year term.

Filing ends Saturday.

Romney’s election is June 8.

* * *

Spring Valley Farm and Orchard has purchased another roadside farm market.

The Hampshire produce giant acquired Butler’s Farm Market on Dry Run Road in Martinsburg.

* * *

Tuesday is Groundhog Day. Tradition says that if the groundhog sees his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter follows.

Feb. 2 is also Candlemas, a Christian holy day celebrating Jesus’ presentation at the temple in Jerusalem.

* * *

West Virginia’s Division of Natural Resources is looking for original color wildlife paintings for the 2022 edition of its award-winning West Virginia wildlife calendar.

The deadline to submit artwork is Feb. 19. Paintings may depict popular game and fish species, of feature other West Virginia wildlife from snakes and turtles to songbirds nongame fish. 

Each piece chosen earns the artist $200 with $500 more for the artwork chosen for the cover.

Art submission rules are available by calling 304-637-0245.

* * *

West Virginia gas prices fell 1.5 cents per gallon last week, averaging $2.34 Sunday in GasBuddy's daily survey of 1,154 stations.

The average price in West Virginia was 24.4 cents higher than a month ago, but 15.8 cents lower than a year ago.

The national average price rose 1.1 cents last week, averaging $2.40 Sunday, up 14.4 cents in a month ago and down 12.6 cents in a year.

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