Wally Hart

NORTH RIVER MILLS — Hampshire County has never shied away from helping a member of the community, and Wallace Hart is no exception.

On Feb. 8, Hart, a Hampshire native, was cutting down a tree, something routine and normal for him.

The top of the tree broke away, came down on Hart and seriously injured his skull. He’s been in the hospital ever since, most of that time in the ICU.

“Wally has been cutting firewood for as long as I can remember,” recalled Lloyd O’Brien, Hart’s friend and neighbor in North River Mills. “He’s just a hardworking, really neat guy and it’s quite obviously tragic on the family.”

The Wallace Hart Medical Fund has been set up at FNB Bank to receive donations. Folks who are interested in helping the family with some of the medical expenses can send checks or other deposits to the account.

“We’re looking at some real difficulties here for the family,” O’Brien said about Hart’s medical costs.

Kelli Iser, Hart’s daughter, has been posting updates about her dad on her Facebook page. Last week, she reported that Hart has been walking with a walker and doing basic tasks like putting on his socks and washing his face.

“Sometimes he’s a little foggy about things, but overall his memory and mind are doing great,” Iser posted. “The doctors, nurses and physical therapists have been completely blown away by his progress.

Hart will be undergoing his rehab at the Winchester Rehabilitation Center, and Iser chalked up his recovery so far to the “power of prayer.”

“We will be able to continue seeing him every day,” Iser added. “Thank you all so much for your love and prayers. Be on the lookout for him real soon; he will be back to Hampshire County before you know it.”

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