Bad drivers


I am writing in response to the December 30, 2020 edition advising us readers that the head on crash on Rt 50, December 18, 2020 claimed the life of the youngest victim.

The horrible event also claimed the life of a elderly couple of 64 years together innocently attempting to reach a destination only to have their lives together sadly ended. It's a blessing that there isn't a weekly posting in the Hampshire Review of another horrible head on accident from any byway in this county.

As I travel for work or pleasure throughout this county, especially on the secondary roads, I frequently encounter oncoming traffic in my lane. What is wrong with these drivers, some of which I have recognized and have let them know my thoughts about their driving skills.

This is becoming a epidemic with many driving the roads in this county. These Bad Drivers are inconsiderate, rude, mean, and uncouth but very audacious, which manifests not just in their attitude, but in their behavior in general. Such drivers are the kindest of hearts when cops flag them down, but this only lasts for a moment. I hope the citizens of Hampshire County stay safe as they navigate the roads and for those that think staying in your lane doesn't matter, then your days are numbered and you will be destined for an outcome that these folks in this head on collision encountered. 

Thanks for listening. Drivers, please practice safe driving.

Michael Hockman, Capon Bridge

Math tutoring success


Do you remember Ralph and Heather Michel?  If not, they were 7th and 8th grade math teachers at Capon Bridge Middle School last year.  Well, they have been providing “math tutoring” services since August of 2020 and we wanted to share with you the progress that our child has made since receiving this service.

Our child is in 8th grade general education math this year.  His overall grade in math for the 1st nine weeks was a 96% and this quarter to date, he has a 100%.  Mr. and Mrs. Michel are experienced and highly skilled teachers in our opinion.  Their instruction is “one-on-one”, which allows them to fully understand our child’s educational needs.  We would like to say “thank you” for all their hard work and dedication towards helping our child in math this year.  We look forward to our child having continued success and achieving high scores in math thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Michel. 

Dana and Chuck Sine, Capon Bridge

Get a life


You must not have anything to do but make up fairy tales and please quit spreading the rumor that I’m a police snitch because if you are telling that junk you must be doing something wrong.

Well that is on you because you are big enough to know right from wrong. And anyone who would belive that I would have a direct line to the police station sould be locked up in a padded cell. You have been watching too many James Bond of McGuyver movies.

And grow the hell up because nobody is coming around your place or anyone else’s place to find out or try to find out about what you’re doing. Who cares? I have worries of my own and I have my own health to worry about.

And if you don’t quit telling people that I raped someoneyou are going to get in Dutch. I don't’ bother anyone and the only harm I do is on myself. So stop telling that crap. And I’m tired about the story of the preacher getting killed on that one tractor of mine; there’s not a day that I don’t think about that, so lay the hell off.

And another thing, I’m not going to ruin my life because of some female because I have too much to lose and I’m not throwing my life away because of dummies listening toi a drifter who comes to Romney and feeds you a line of bull.

Get a life.

Oh, and one more thing. No one believe that I stole flowers off of graves in Moorefield or Romney. And Shaffer Funeral Home and Fraley Funeral Home knows different.

Hershel Medley, Purgitsville

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