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The county ambulance station in Capon Bridge has a new sign on the building. 


Know news is good news


I feel compelled to comment on Mr. Eglinger’s response to the “Dear President” piece published in last week’s review. In your “letter” to the President, Mr. Eglinger, you begin by asking that he work toward ensuring that the American people receive “...responsible news reporting...” that is “...unopinionated and accurate...”. Fair enough! Can’t say that I disagree. 

Then you go on to decry the President’s politics suggesting that he will make his term in office about “...you (The President) and the far, radical, elite left...” and suggest that President Biden will possibly “...entertain the agenda of the extremists”. I’m not quite certain which “extremists” you are referring to. They seem to exist on both sides of the political spectrum, as recent events have demonstrated. Finally, you share your little ditty about “Joe”. Cute!

Well, I have a question for you, Mr. Eglinger: Where do you get your news from? If I had to guess, I would say Facebook, Fox news, Newsmax, OAN or, maybe Trump’s now defunct Twitter account. Am I wrong? Hardly unbiased reporting from any of these sources! The Retrumplican party operatives will continue with their slanted news reporting and I suggest you consider educating yourself about the new reality in this country.

Leroy James, Augusta

Critical skills


This is in response to Harry Riley’s letter to the editor (Run Them Out) in the December 20th edition of the Hampshire Review. 

If Mr. Riley had read the news critically, instead of just latching on to the latest Fox News headline, he would have found some interesting points countering the idea that foreign aid (which is actually in the $1.4T Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 that will fund the government through next September, not the NDAA) is money that was somehow stolen from our pockets. 

If he’d done his arithmetic, he’d have found that the foreign aid cited amounted to less than $5 billion (enough to give everyone, roughly 330M people, less than $15 – that’s dollars), and that to give eligible citizens each $2,000, it would actually “cost between $300 and $435 billion”, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. 

So his irksome “pork” comes nowhere near funding those checks. According to the Brookings Institute, Foreign Aid generally comprises less than 1% of the federal budget. In contrast, giving each eligible citizen the currently proposed additional $1,400 would cost $210 billion (300*(1,400/2,000), which is about 15% of the $1.4 trillion Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (using the low end of the estimate). 

Watch and read critically, and do the math.

Alyson Reeves Levels

On the job in Capon Bridge


The Hampshire County Emergency Services Agency (HCESA) has been serving the citizens of Capon Bridge area since November 2018 running out of the old Capon Bridge School.  In May of 2020 HCESA moved into the former Capon Bridge Rescue Squad Building.  HCESA will have a crew stationed there 24 hours a day 7 days a week to serve the citizens of Capon Bridge and the surrounding areas.  24-hour 7 day a week EMS coverage has been available through the foresight of our County Commissioners.  We would like to thank the Capon Bridge Rescue Squad Executive Board, Capon Bridge Fire Department and the citizens of Capon Bridge for their continued support.  

Terry Puffinburger, operations manager o

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