Wear the darned thing


So, after more than a year away, I met a friend @ Sheetz on Sunday. As I entered, I was relieved to see signs on the door instructing customers to wear masks. I already had mine on, as did my friend and the staff.

I obliviously ordered my sandwich and went to put my drink on the table. When I went back to wait for it, I looked up at the banner sign,  which also reminded customers to wear masks. Good. But, when I turned around, I was surrounded by non-mask wearers. 7 of them waiting for orders or breathing over other foods. Under my mask, my mouth flew open.

I was protecting them, but they were spewing germs all over me! I’m sure my eyes narrowed as I thought, “What are you stupid or ignorant, or just plain lazy?” Can’t you read instructions? Your rights stop where mine start. If you choose to put yourself and others at risk of getting Covid-19, that’s fine. You’re carrying the weapon that can kill. But don’t carry it around me. I’m trying to protect you from anything I might be carrying, including colds and flu.

Data has proven that mask-wearing has cut the transmission of Covid. That means we’re not passing it so much and killing people in such high numbers. And yet, those very numbers had risen in Hampshire County in last weekend’s report.

I don’t want any more friends to die from it. As Maryland’s governor said simply and clearly, “Wear the damned mask.” And I’m saying, “don’t be so ignorant. It’s just not a big deal to wear the darned thing.”

Robin Dohrman Ayers , Romney

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