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The newly-elected Student Council at HHS

SUNRISE SUMMIT — A team of 10 students is making waves on Sunrise Summit as the newly elected HHS Student Council.

Principal Adam Feazell explained the thinking behind bringing the council back to the school, and one of the main reasons was to increase student involvement on campus.

“There hasn’t been (a student council) since I’ve been here,” Feazell said. “We definitely wanted to make sure that was something that we brought back and is active.” 

Earlier last month, the HHS student body was given information designed to gauge interest in the student council, and the kids who responded met with teacher Nicole Nealis. Nealis gave the interested students packets of information, and guided them as they created campaign materials.

The school held an election, and last Friday, 10 students found themselves in leadership roles in the schools. The roles are 

Freshmen Secretary: Christian Keller 

Freshmen Vice President: Olivia Bohrer 

Freshmen President: RandiJo Wolford,  

Junior Treasurer: Ryan Quick 

Junior Vice President: Abby McBride 

Junior President: Alex Spencer 

Senior Treasurer: Gabby Hernandez 

Senior President: Amelia Hicks 

Student Body Vice President: Cailin Goad 

Student Body President: Hannah White 

“Part of their goal is to build student activities and student engagement, and be the voice of the student body,” Feazell explained.

And the council’s 1st big task?


“They’re (working on) making it inclusive for everyone, and making sure there’s something going on for everyone,” Feazell added. 

They’re tasked with planning both Homecoming Week (which begins Oct. 18) and the dance, which is scheduled for Oct. 23. 

Feazell said that Homecoming this year would be “bigger than it has been in the past,” complete with an outdoor, open-air dance to help minimize Covid risks. 

The election winners were only just announced Friday, so their 1st official meeting since the election will be this week. 

“And it’s not just going to be Homecoming,” Feazell said. “I want them to be involved through the year, working with administration. Student leadership is important to the school.

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