Give thanks 


Give thanks that you live in Hampshire County. Your local small businesses provide cost effective services in a timely manner.

John McCabe, Augusta 

What can he lose? 


Why is senator Manchin immune from any sort of retribution for his obstreperous refusal to consider what is clearly a wholly beneficial plan for the nation, the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT, proposed by a Democratic president and containing  many benefits for West Virginia?   As  a Democrat,  he copied  his governor, Jim Justice,  after the election and became in practice a Republican.  Is money a possible answer?

What can he lose?  He is a multi-millionaire living in luxury on profits from a fossil fuel company owned by him and his family.  He also is connected to the Edison Electric Institute and Monongehela Power Company.

We all lose,  but Manchin faces no reckoning.  You,  the voters,  must oppose his betrayal by  steadfastly exercising your right to vote!  Choose your candidates carefully.  

Lynda Copeland, Augusta 

Embracing Marxism? 


Marxism, this political and economic ideas of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels; specifically, a system of thought in which the concept of class struggle plays a primary role both in  analyzing Western society in general and in understanding its allegedly inevitable development from bourgeois oppression under capitalism to a socialist society and thence to Communism.

The biggest treat to our Constitutional Republic is he Democrat’s embrace of Marxism.

George Fontaine, Delray

An Econ 101 lesson


So, I was standing in the checkout line at Food Lion recently and the customer in front of me commented on being “robbed” at the gas station, referencing the high price of gas. I offered a nod and a slight shrug of my shoulders, suggesting “What are you gonna do?” He proceeded to look at me, asking (I’m paraphrasing here) “How can the price of gas stay low for four years and then go sky high?” 

I was briefly taken aback, thinking “Does he know I voted for Biden?”. Nevertheless, I proceeded to provide the obviously anguished gentlemen a very brief lesson in economics: People are driving a lot more these days, supply and demand drives up prices and this is the Capitalist way. I didn’t mention the fact that OPEC is limiting the production of oil. That’s for an Econ 102 class. 

Well, I don’t know if he was able to grasp the essence of my response because he didn’t say anything. Just paid for his food  and  left.  He  might 

still be thinking about what I said. 

So, I sauntered on up to the register, preparing to finish my shopping for the day. Watching the cost of my purchases add up on the cashier’s screen, I was shocked at the price of the eggs. 

“What,,,are people eating more eggs this year? Have the chickens agreed to limit the production of eggs?” What can you’s the Capitalist way.

Leroy James, Augusta 

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