Sheryl finds her long-lost family

When Pat Taylor received and took a DNA test for her birthday, little did she know she’d find a long-lost niece.

But a few weeks after that test, she was contacted by a woman named Sheryl Kelly from Brewerton, N.Y. (just outside of Syracuse), about the results. As it turned out, Kelly had taken a DNA test for the same site and was tracking for any of her family.

Kelly was put up for adoption at birth, but her biological father, David Price, was Taylor’s brother. He was stationed at the Air Force Base in Columbus, Ohio, from 1957 until 1959.

Kelly had been trying to find her family on for some time, and had actually reached a point where she could accept never finding anybody.

But Ancestry ran a special on military families that allowed them to take DNA tests for free, and Kelly took advantage. She was contacted by a Susan Stephens, her 2nd cousin. The Stephenses were Price’s maternal half of the family.

“She wondered who I was because I was a match to her,” Kelly explained. “I told her about Price and when I told her about the Stephens, come to find out I just spelled it wrong. She called up Aunt Pat.”

What’s blossomed since then is a family connection that grows stronger by the day. Sheryl emails, texts and calls with Taylor fairly regularly, and in July, came for a visit to Taylor’s home on Cooper Mountain.

While there, she spent time with her aunt, Micky Stokes; Taylor and her half-brother Kevin.

During the visit, she was able to see pictures of her family for the 1st time and even shopped at the Rio Mall.

“It was a wonderful 24 hours,” Taylor said of the experience.

Stokes added, “We feel like we have a piece of our brother back.”

Kelly returned to Brewerton, but still calls about once a month and texts and emails with Taylor frequently. She has a daughter and grandson up in New York, but wants to return to Hampshire County in the future to visit with her family some more.

“I’m just so glad I could go visit them,” Kelly said. “I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am and how complete of a person I feel now.” 

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