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Senior AnnMarie Timbrook displays a sketch of her design for the Class of 2020 Commemorative Medal at Davis & Elkins College. The work features Associate Professor of Art Michael Doig in front of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral’s rose window.

ELKINS — When senior AnnMarie Timbrook was asked to design the Commemorative Medal for the Class of 2020, she decided to focus on an individual she says exemplifies resilience, determination and willpower.

Ironically, those same character traits are the ones she believes the Davis & Elkins College campus community exhibited in meeting the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Embossed on the front of the coin is Timbrook’s drawing of Associate Professor of Art Michael Doig in front of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral’s rose window. The back is inscribed with the College logo.

“I selected Michael because he was one of my greatest mentors during my college experience,” Timbrook said. “He is always a good listener, and I valued his opinions greatly when he and I discussed my artwork, both inside and outside of class hours. He has an excellent sense of humor, too, and in general, I feel that he relates to most students very well.

“I think that this symbology is especially fitting for our graduating class now that the coronavirus has effected so many people. We have had to be resilient, determined and willful.”

Timbrook collaborated with Assistant Professor of Art Kevin “Woody” Woodcock for ideas and various aspects of the design.

“I knew I wanted to involve my art experience in the coin's design as much as possible, and for me, that was where Michael came in,” Timbrook explained. “I chose to place him on the Notre Dame rose window because in many of Michael’s pieces of art, he features the rose window design.”

Wanting the design to be a surprise for Doig, Timbrook and Woodcock kept their work a secret. Once the coin was produced, D&E President Chris A. Wood shared it with Doig.

“I thought it was awesome,” Doig said. “I was very flattered.”

Doig has served as a professor and mentor to Timbrook since her freshman year.

With a double major in art and psychology, Timbrook has secured a position at The Lighthouse, a residential center in Romney for women overcoming addiction.

She hopes to become a recovery coach and plans to one day further her education as an art therapist. In the meantime, she plans to continue making and selling art. The inspiration for her future was drawn from the many friendships with students and professors she formed at D&E.

“I wouldn't trade them for anything, and I'm so glad that I had a supportive network of people around me during my college experience,” Timbrook said.

A resident of Shanks, she is the daughter of Dawn and Bradley Timbrook.

Now a tradition at Davis & Elkins College, the Graduating Class Commemorative Medal was introduced to the class of 2013. The idea and support came from former D&E Trustee Bill Sudbrink, an avid coin collector who also donated multiple Roman coins to The Stirrup Gallery which are displayed in the Howard-Sudbrink Collection. The medals serve as both a keepsake and a collector’s piece. Constructed of bronze, each year’s edition features a different theme.

In addition to graduates, coins are given to each member of the team responsible for the design, Sudbrink, the Davis & Elkins College archives and the office of the vice president for student affairs.

Sudbrink has also outlined a plan that will ensure the tradition continues and that others connected to the College have a chance to obtain a coin as well. Any remaining medals will be available for purchase for two years after being issued to any D&E alumnus and any member of the faculty, staff or board of trustees serving during that academic year. Any medals remaining after two years may be sold to the general public.

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