ROMNEY — The Hampshire County Commission granted a request for $59,000 needed to complete the Parks and Recreation building under construction in Hampshire Park at Tuesday’s meeting

Parks and Recreation Director Larry See and President Greg Rinker presented the Commission with a request for $59,000 in additional funding to complete the new conference in Hampshire Park.

Rinker said that though there might be “a few other unforeseen things,” the building is now largely complete.

The additional funds are needed for a new stove hood, installation of telephone service and wi-fi, a security system, landscaping, a fire alarm system and additional tables and chairs.

Rinker explained the larger stove hood is needed because the new building will include double ovens and the hood must be extended to cover them. They considered modifying the old hood, he said, but found that it would cost more than installing a new one along with the rest.

Commissioner Bob Hott supported the request, pointing out that since it will be a new building, they shouldn’t want “second-hand.”

See and Rinker included data on rentals over the past year, comparing last year’s income to the previous 2 years. Income has declined sharply over the past year, for Parks and Recreation rentals as for everything else.

Hott thanked them for the inclusion, saying the data should justify asking for American Rescue Plan funding.

Rinker said they still have the Bluegrass Festival coming up, which is normally a big contribution to the Parks and Recreation budget. Last year they could not do much programming, and this will be a rebuilding year.

Hott praised Parks and Recreation for having “done a lot of stuff” in recent years, saying he has been proud of accomplishments that include the Camp Walker facility and the soccer fields at the fairgrounds,

Rinker invited the commissioners to drop by and see the new building at the end of yesterday’s short meeting.

The only other item on the agenda was approval of a request to update equipment on a cell tower off Grassy Lick Road, installing a generator and concrete pad.

The commissioners also approved this year’s West Virginia Community Corrections Grant funding the operations of the South Branch Valley Day Report Center, which provides counseling and other services to addicts recommended for rehabilitation by the courts in Hampshire, Hardy and Pendleton County.

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