CAPON BRIDGE — The Capon Bridge Town Council received a final breakdown of costs for the town sewer project at their July 13 meeting, and considered requests from several town subdivisions. 

The meeting began with a proclamation honoring Robert and Genny Lovett, “beloved citizens of this town,” for their lifetime of contributions, including Genny’s involvement in founding the Capon Bridge Public Library and Robert’s past service on the town council and year as acting mayor. 

John Stump from the law firm Steptoe and Johnson described final steps in financing the sewer system upgrade, noting most of the $4,132,000 cost is covered by grants. 

The remainder requires a $600,000 loan on which the town begins payments of about $1,725 in March 2023 that should pay the loan off June 1, 2061. The town will also continue to make mortgage payments on the old sewer plant until 2031. 

The council approved a request made in June by Fort Edwards Estates HOA President Rick Moreland, and will contribute $4,825 toward the cost of paving Settlers Lane. 

Mike Findling, owner of the water system serving Hummingbird Lane, asked the town to consider acquiring the system, which is fed by an artesian well with a flow rate of 40 gallons per minute and passes every state inspection. No decision was made. 

Ellsworth Jones, president of the Laurel Ridge HOA on Marvin Miller Lane, reported subdivision residents have been maintaining the lane, but asked how to get help if the road gets really bad. He was told to notify Penny Feather. 

Waterview Estates HOA President Ansel “Dick” Peer asked for permission to fill dangerously deep ditches along Waterview Drive. The council agreed to take a look. 

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Turner commended council members for their time and effort, explaining that they are paid just $75 a month for attending an average of 3 meetings. 

In other business, Police Chief Miles Spence reported crime is up, with “random stuff we don’t usually deal with” happening all over the county, including a lot of violence. 

A public hearing was held on the proposed building code ordinance before the meeting, at which Tim Reese was told projects already under way would be grandfathered in. 

The town council approved hiring water and sewer supervisor Chris Turner as a salaried employee. 

Logan Mantz reported the Capon Bridge Revitalization Group will receive a G3 grant to redo the entrance to School Street, including buried conduits for electric lines. 

Building permits were granted for Logan Mantz’s renovation of the former Flying Pig building at 3121 Northwestern Pike, and for Bent River Woodworks’ renovation of a showroom that Mantz said would be used to sell “cool stuff” made in West Virginia, with some consignment items. 

Tim Reese informed the council the renovation of 2925 Northwestern Pike will be more extensive than described in the permit granted last month. He will completely redo the electrical system, given the Lovett tragedy. 

Business licenses were granted to Tim Reese’s Basswood; Ronnie’s Shrimp, to be set up in a bank parking lot and possibly at the Farmer’s Market; and Shanholtz Auto Tag & Title, located in Bear Garden Plaza. A 30-day vendor’s license was granted to Diamond Driveways to pave driveways in town. 

The Capon Bridge Public Library thanked the town for covering water and sewer expenses to keep the library open during the pandemic, saying they should be able to operate on their own now. 

Village Drive resident Harry Riley asked for clarification of passages in the fireworks ordinance. In the ensuing discussion, it was noted that 99 percent of the houses in Capon Bridge are too close to each other to set off fireworks legally. 

Council member Nathan Spencer reported the sheriff’s department refuses to enforce the ordinance, so nothing can be done unless town police are on duty. 

Ted Hoover asked to change the single family residential zoning of a lot on Whitaker Lane to farm use, and was told that the county’s “farm use” designation is separate from town zoning. o

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