CAPON BRIDGE — A weekly farmer’s market will open in Capon Bridge — probably on Capon School Street and probably in June, the Capon Bridge Town Council learned at its monthly meeting last week. 

The April 14 council meeting also included the 1st reading of an ordinance authorizing a bond issue of up to $300,000 to finance the Duff Lane bridge the circuit court has ordered the town to provide. 

Extension Agent Candace DeLong presented plans for the farmer’s market, telling the council 6 vendors were already interested in participating and they were talking about setting up the market as part of the Capon School Street revitalization plan. 

DeLong said they were planning a Sunday market to avoid conflicting with area businesses. Council members urged her to consider a Saturday market instead, given the heavy use of Capon School Street for church parking on Sunday and the likelihood that a Saturday market would attract more weekenders with cabins in the area. 

They suggested the Farmer’s Daughter would be the only business with which a farmer’s market would compete, and DeLong agreed there was little overlap between the 2 enterprises, given the Farmer’s Daughter’s emphasis on meats and relatively sparse offerings of produce, so there might be some potential for cooperation between the 2. 

DeLong said she would take the council’s recommendations back to the planners, along with a reminder from the council that vendors will need town-issued business licenses. 

The town building commission consulted with Steptoe and Johnson attorney Jason Turner as they approved the bond-issuing ordinance in a special meeting just prior to the council meeting. “Just the 1st step,” the attorney said, with 2 more readings required, and a public hearing scheduled for May 11. 

Mayor Laura Turner noted that the actual amount needed to install the Duff Lane bridge is very likely to be less than the $300,000 authorized by the ordinance, and a supplemental resolution that will include the actual amount, purchaser and terms of the bond will be added when these details are known. 

Mayor Turner had asked 4 local banks for their rates for both 15- and 20-year loans, and received bids from 2. The council voted to go with a 20-year loan at 2.65% from FNB Bank, deciding the smaller payments would make the loan more manageable despite the extra 5 years and noting they could still make extra payments when possible to shorten the term of the loan. 

The Town Council also voted to pass the sewer improvement ordinance on its 3rd reading, and Mayor Turner reported that the state Department of Environmental Protection has found the project will have no significant environmental impact, though the 1-month window for public comments on this is still open, and a final review will follow. 

Mayor Turner announced the town must have a sanitary board for the project, and appointed Carl Biller and Mary Billings to serve on the board with her. 

In other business, Mayor Turner reported that the town’s Public Protection Classification for fire protection has improved, which should lower the cost of fire insurance. She suggested residents might want to contact their insurance agents. 

The town has not yet received the promised funds to help cover Covid-19 losses, nor have guidelines for spending the money been announced. However, funding for the town water department was identified as a possible use for the funds, since with the town’s schools closed, water revenue has dropped so low it no longer covers the department’s expenses.

Council member Chris Turner called attention to the 58 warnings vs. 32 citations that Police Chief Miles Spence reported issuing in the previous month, pointing out that Capon Bridge is clearly “not a speed trap town.” o

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