Beverly Malcolm

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15.

Birthday wishes to April Hedrieck, Backious and Ireland Heavner, July 30; Diane Perry, Aug. 1; Sharon Orndorff, Aug. 4; Kelly Cowgill, Stephanie Swope, Aug. 5; Gavin Hott, Aug. 6; Linda Montgomery and Janet Ott, Aug. 8; Juanita Norton, Aug. 9; Chuck Pyles, Aug. 11, Lucas Kaden Masse and Slater Stewart, Aug. 13.

Anniversary wishes go out to Wayne and Bonnie Stotler, Aug. 3; son Gary and Vickie Malcolm, Aug. 6; Dora and Mike Martin, Aug. 11.

Several reunions are canceled. The late George and Mary Nelson reunion that is usually held at Cacapon State Park is canceled. Late Oliver and Hettie Lou Ginevan usually at Camp Walker has been canceled. Family of the late Andrew and Helen Kaylor, usually held at the Little Capon Baptist Church on Dave Moreland Road is canceled. This would have been their 60th. The late Burt and Estella Montgomery reunion, usually held at Capon Chapel Church of the Brethren has been canceled. The 4-day gathering on Labor Day at the homeplace of the late James Mason and Elma Lambert has been canceled. Next year will be an outstanding reunion at all of these places. Everyone looks forward every year to these reunions. I know I do. To see my family, especially cousins and friends, to catch up on all of the births, weddings and the passing of loved ones. Hear from you next year.

Capon Chapel will be having services on Sunday, Aug. 1. Bring a lawn chair if you have problems sitting on the benches.

Lots of rain, but the ground is still dry. Creeks and rivers are very low.

Asking everyone to wear a mask and social distancing. We have to work together to make this better. We didn’t like the seat belts when we had to start wearing them, but now it’s a part of driving. Help us protect ourselves and our families.

Remember in prayer: Terri Santymire, Ethan Sowers, Julie Masse, Willis Bohrer, Mary Alice Moreland, Joey Fishel, grandson Allen Owens, Patty Campbell, Lorie Zebarth.

“And I will bless them that bless thee.” Genesis 12:3. Any news please call or email

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