0916 BIT Okonoko

Velvia McBride’s parents, Walter J Powell and Mary E Allender Powell. They lived in Okonoko.

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100 Years Ago — Sept. 15, 1920

Indictments charging murder in connection with the killing of Anse Hatfield at Matewan, W. Va., a month ago were returned by the Mingo County grand jury today against Sid Hatfield, chief of police of Matewan, Hallow Chambers, Edward Chambers and Talt Chambers. Hatfield was assassinated while seated in front of a Matewan hotel. The bullet which killed him, was fired from ambush. It passed through the body and struck another man who was seated nearby. Anse Hatfield was an important witness before the grand jury which indicted 24 men for the killing of 10 persons at Matewan last May. A few days before he was killed, authorities say he received a letter threatening his life.

There will be a reunion for all ex-soldiers of Hampshire County at Camp Walker on Oct. 16th. All ex-soldiers who are interested are invited to meet with the committee in Romney, Saturday evening, Sept. 18th, at 7:30 o’clock.

The kindergarten had been studying the wind all week– its power, the effects, etc. –until the subject had been pretty well exhausted. To stimulate interest, the kindergartner said, in her most enthusiastic manner: “Children, as I came to school today in the trolley car, the door opened and something came softly in and kissed me on the cheek. What do you think it was?” And the children joyfully answered, “The conductor!”

50 Years Ago — Sept. 16, 1970

A high of 93 degrees on the 15th and a low of 47 degrees on the 12th have been recorded by Miss Frances Vance. Precipitation measured .53 inches for the week.

Plans are underway to make arrangements to charter a bus for the Carl McIntire Peace March in Washington, D.C., on October 3. The bus would leave Fort Ashby on the morning of the 3rd and could, possibly, make designated stops in Springfield and Romney to pick up passengers.

The Veterans of World War I will hold a picnic at Camp Walker Sunday, Sept. 20, at 1 p.m. All World War I Veterans and their wives are invited. There will be speaking and free refreshments.


40 Years Ago — Sept. 17, 1980

For all of you enjoying viewing (and drooling over!) antique automobiles, you’ll be glad to hear that the Ladies Auxiliary of the Capon Bridge Volunteer Fire Department is sponsoring the 4th Annual Antique Auto Show on Saturday, Sept. 20, at the Fire Hall in Capon Bridge. Those of you who are fortunate enough to OWN one of those antique cars, get her out and polish her up!

Arno Hott will be Master of Ceremonies for the special service celebrating 200 years of Sunday School at the Augusta United Methodist Church on Sunday, Sept. 28. The celebration will begin with a covered dish dinner at 1 p.m. Melvin Hott will be the special speaker for the afternoon program. Gospel music will be performed by the “King’s Children.”

One type of house that has enjoyed great popularity in recent years is the log cabin. More of these homes are going up every year, a house with a unique appearance and at the same time fulfill a long lost dream of living in a log cabin. Today’s log home has very little in common with the cabins of the pioneers. Those cabins were usually the size of 1 small room, had few windows and none of today’s modern conveniences. Today’s log cabins have many rooms and windows, electricity, running water and must comply with the same building requirements as any other dwelling. As a result, today’s log homes are just as comfortable to live in as any other kind of home.


30 Years Ago — Sept. 19, 1990

The Hampshire County Historical Society will be printing a 3rd edition of Hu Maxwell and H.L. Swisher’s History of Hampshire County. The work is an illustrated historical and genealogical sourcebook which dates back to this area’s earliest settlement and includes state, county and local family history.

On August 31, The Romney Senior Center was treated to the very talented Ms. Joanne Horne, Ms. West Virginia Senior America 1990. She attended the center’s covered-dish supper and performed the song and dance routine that was her talent presentation in Atlantic City. Ms. Horne won the evening gown award at the National pageant.

Sunday train excursions through the famous Hampshire County “Trough” have been announced for this fall by the Romney Volunteer Fire Department. Scheduled during the peak color season, the twice-daily excursions promise riders the look and smell of fall as the diesel locomotive meanders through the beautiful historical South Branch of the Potomac River Valley.


20 Years Ago — Sept. 20, 2000

United States Senator Jay Rockefeller made a stop in Romney on Monday to visit the local elementary school. Senator Rockefeller spent time in the computer lab to see how students are working with computers and what applications are being used. The senator a few years ago authorized legislation to provide funding for W. Va. schools to connect to the Internet. Senator Rockefeller also made a stop at the Romney Senior Center.

Crystal Valley Ranch, located off Route 28 north of Romney, was the scene of an end-of-summer horse show Saturday. The event offered plenty of opportunities for horse enthusiasts to watch performances by some of the area’s best. Featured during the afternoon was the Skyrider 4-H Drill Team from Rawlings, Md., performing choreographed moves on horseback.

The 27th annual 4-H/FFA Livestock Sale generated $58,694.85 with the sale of 100 animals Saturday evening, August 26, ending fair week. The lambs were divided into 2 classes, ewe and wether, which allowed both Jared Staggs and Roger Haines to sell Grand Champion lambs. Gabrielle Torres and Hillary Park were the respective Reserve Grand Champions.


10 Years Ago — Sept. 15, 2010

A full-service fiber-processing mill will be opening mid-October in Capon Bridge. Capon Bridge Fiber Works will take raw fiber, clean it and turn it into what is called roving. “Roving means cleaned and all the fibers are lined up horizontally so that hand spinners can spin it into yarn,” said co-owner Terrie Reynolds.

It’s time to “get off the bus, Gus,” and walk to school next Tuesday, Sept. 21, for the Walk to School in the USA Event. Students from Romney Elementary School will join others in the International Walk to School event, which will begin at the circular drive of the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind. Walkers should meet beginning at 7:15 a.m. and be ready to leave at 7:45 a.m. for the walk to Romney Elementary School.

The drought may not affect wells this year, but this year’s drought may affect wells several years from now. So far, according to local officials, county residents have not experienced dry wells. “We’ve had some reports of wells being low but no report of wells going dry in the county,” said Terry Mayhew, Hampshire County Health Department sanitarian.

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