Brenda Hiett

I just can't stop writing about the unusual weather pattern we are experiencing.  Cold rains, which are causing spring flowers to be in a state of arrested development, seem to be the norm.  May flowers will have to make great strides to bloom by the end of the month.  Thermometer was on 28 degrees this morning at 5 a.m.  Yesterday afternoon, snowflakes were flying about.  I am afraid to leave my tomato plant out overnight.

I hope my peonies will be in bloom by May 24 for our memorial service at Capon Chapel.  We have always placed flowers on family graves on that day.  This year we will be having an outdoor service due to the guidelines required for social distancing.  We ask that everyone visiting the cemetery observe the safety measures.

After having my beauty shop closed since March 20, we were permitted to reopen on May 4.  New rules and regulations including wearing a mask are requiring patience from all of us. Chairs must be sanitized each time a new person sits down, shampoo capes are sprayed, front and back with each use and wipes used on door hardware.  Magazines and newspapers are not for common use because they are impossible to sanitize.  No walk-ins, appointment only.  Early arrivals must wait in their cars until their appointed time.  No overlapping appointments; this makes for a much longer work day, along with the time needed to institute all the extra cleaning procedures.

It was great to see everyone again and to take care of their hair.  I really felt needed and appreciated.  I am very happy to be back at work.

A belated Happy Mother's Day to the women who gave us life and daily guidance.

 Take precautions and stay well. 

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