Betty Racey

Seems impossible that summer is over — here in the valley we have received so much rainfall in the past month that folks can’t keep up with mowing lawns and doing the fall harvesting. Due to the COVID-19, lifestyles have been quiet and not many happenings, but Horn Camp School House/Museum has enjoyed MABDR Bikers stopping by which include guest from the following states: New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Arizona, Vermont, Canada, Kansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas and D.C.   

Also was so happy to have Ethan Gruber from Harrisonburg, Va. stop by as he was on a bike trip after visiting with his parents Terry and Solveig on Little Cacapon Road.

An unexpected visit last week was with a cousin from Topeka, Kansas.  Pam Kline came to Bedford, Pa. for a cousin’s wedding and visited with family in the area, and then we had a day of special reminiscing. 

Several folks from out-of-state were at their camps and cabins for the holiday weekend. Also, some neighbors got away for beach vacations at this time.

Mrs. Joyce Bingham entertained with a cookout at her home Saturday, with family members enjoying–Anthony Lupton, Whitney, Tiffany, and Stephaney, Wayne and Una Lupton, Marion and Margaret Rog, Nancy Poland, Tyler and Lisa Catlett and Abby, Cinda and Corrina Bowman, Rob and Corrina Reynolds and Joe, Tom and Karen Hott and Jamie and Joanie Hott, and Issah and Rachel.

Delisia Mongold spent a couple days with grandmother, Laurie Racey last week.

E.J. and Krista Ayers and Kayden along with grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlton, enjoyed the Hovatters Zoo in Kingwood, W.V. on Sunday.

Ernie and Betty Racey spent Sunday evening with Rodger and Cindy Twigg and Amanda and Alison and Taylor Staudmueler, Kollin Sortberg and Brian Mansinon.

Charlie and Greta McKee recently attended a family gathering in Bruceton Mills, WV.

Sending special birthday wishes to my brother, Preston Poland in Fisher, WV on Sept. 9, as well as continued prayers with health issues.  Special birthday wishes to friend, Zanna (Saville) Mathias on the 11.  And my brother Elmo Poland, as both these celebrate 80.  Also, upcoming birthdays include Charles Lee and Gayla Lawrence, both former neighbors, and also Dwight Racey and Debbie Bean!

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