Betty Racey

A reminder from the last column that I shared – this year the annual Horn Camp Community picnic that always happens in early August has been canceled.  Sorry to make this decision, but due to the coronavirus, we feel it is necessary for the safety of all. The old 1-room schoolhouse/museum is always open for visitors.  

Recently enjoyed having a member of the MABDR bikers spend some time with us en route home in Tennessee after being in Maine with her mother for a week. We have enjoyed many others riders stopping by, especially friends from previous trips.  

We received 4 inches of rain last week. Farmers have been making hay and gardeners are reaping their harvest. The rain was so needed.

The annual family reunion of the late Peer family, hosted by Larry Hawk and family, got together at the old farm on Horn Camp (being the late Georgie and Clerza Hott farm) recently.   

James and Monica Moore of The Plains, Va. spent some time here on Horn Camp Road at the home of late Reg Cook.  

Jason and Brooke Michael and girls, Hailey and Brynley, are in process of moving into their newly built home on Cupps Hollow Road.

Greg and Allyson Hott of Elkins visited the local Broom Maker’s of Clay Lick Ridge being the business of Wanda and Steve Hott, along with other family learning the trade. Greg and Allyson were in the area for the estate public auction of the late Merle and Eileen Hott on Grassy Lick Road.  

Recent obituaries shared the recent death of Harry Timbrook that was brother of the late Eileen Hott. So sorry to learn of this, and it only leaves 1 sister, Mrs. Ruth Saville of Augusta.  These are the children of the late Marvin and Clara Pownell Timbrook that were residents of Horn Camp valley.

Also sorry to learn of the passing of other neighbors and friends recently: Mr. Walter Bancroft of Hershey, Pa., well-known in this area as his widow, Kathy, is a great grandchild of the late Georgie & Clersa Hott and they spent time in our community visiting cousin: Pete Dean of Augusta, grew up in Kirby; Pamela Shingleton and Mr. Ike Dulaney, both of Ford Hill Road; Don Parker, Richard Heishman and Mr. Courtney Tusing, all of Rockoak-Needmore area. Sending sympathy to all these families.

Recent callers with Ernie and Betty Racey include Ed and Phyllis Boylard, Ali and Amanda Twigg, and Brian Manison from job training in Wisconsin.  

Dwight Racey recently visited with Anna Mae Dean in Romney and also Andy Kline and Jack Pyles.

Dennis Funk has been a recent patient in Fairfax, Va. hospital; sending prayers to him and also Brenda Haines, who is recuperating with a fractured ankle.

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