Lana Koontz

Happy birthday Thelma Puffinburger. The family of Thelma Puffinburger are pleased to share with others that Thelma will celebrate her 92nd birthday on May 21. She continues to live in her home here in Green Spring Valley. Thelma is happy, content and being cared for 24/7 by her caregivers: Laurie, Shelia, Regina, Madison, Pennie, David, Kandi, Sandy, Brenda and family members Sharon, Eric, Lynne, Joyce, Stephanie and Tracy. If you desire, a birthday card could be sent to Thelma at 5409 Green Spring Valley Rd, Green Spring, WV 26722.

Now that we can get out of lockdown, Matt and Michele Embrey and sons Alex and Eli had a picnic-style dinner in honor of Mother’s Day last Saturday evening. Present there were Gig and Gale Smith, Randy, Wanda, Amanda and Rylee Koontz.

Birthday wishes to Shirley Twigg, who will celebrate her big day on Monday the 18th.

 It was nice to see the C-17 flyby of Hampshire Memorial Hospital last Wednesday morning. They flew over other area hospitals too, honoring hospital workers. It was the 167 Airlift and Wing National Guard based in Martinsburg.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend. Celebrations will be different this year. Being safe nowadays covers a lot more than just being on the highway.

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