Nina Mason


This is the beginning of a new day.

It has been given to me to use as I will.

I can waste it or use it for good.

What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.

When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place I have traded for it.

I want it to be gain, not loss…good, not evil…success, not failure…in order that I shall not forget the price I paid for it.

-Author Unknown

Hope everyone had a blessed and peaceful day for Labor Day. It was a beautiful and nice day in Rio.

Well, school is to start on Tuesday, Sept. 8. This sure has been a 2020 year that most everyone will never forget. Best of luck to all school staff and students. Watch out for the big yellow buses. Respect them as they carry precious cargo: our wonderful families. Remember to stop, look and listen.

Many people have retired from the Hampshire County School System this year and will start a new chapter in their lives. Our daughter, Donna Charlton, is among them. Best of luck and congratulations on your retirements.

Lyle and Brenda Daugherty and Ward, Holly, Marissa and Gracie Simmons recently enjoyed a few weekends camping at Canaan Valley. While there, they had a birthday party for Natalynn Daugherty and helped her celebrate her 12th birthday. Happy Birthday Natalynn! We hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday to J.J, Charlton, Joey Charlton, Rebecca Crites, and Jason Daugherty, who is celebrating a birthday this month. If I missed anyone, I am sorry.

Deepest sympathy to all that have lost loved ones.

Any news to share, please call Holly Simmons or I.

Until next time, God bless all.

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