Lana Koontz


A few more people are getting out now with precautions. I go to church in Md. and we had our first service this past Sunday, which was a drive-in, sit in your own car, outside service. It was the first outside service in 139 years for Oldtown United Methodist Church. It went very well, and when we agreed with the “amens” with the minister, we honked our horns, which got pretty loud sometimes. It was good to see and wave to our friends and fellow members and celebrate Pentecost Sunday.

Belated birthday wishes to Eli Embrey, who celebrated his 15th birthday on May 25 with a family celebration. Those present were parents Matt and Michele, brother Alex, grandparents Gig and Gale Smith, Uncle Randy, Aunt Wanda, cousin Amanda and Rylee Koontz.

Congratulations to Alex Embrey and all the other graduates for 2020 from Hampshire High School. Graduation was a little different this year but all the necessary bases were covered. Friday evening, the 29th, Matt, Michele and Eli had a little party for Alex with Summer Mongold, Gig and Gale Smith, Randy, Wanda, Amanda and Rylee Koontz attending. 

The class of 1965 would have been holding our 55th class reunion this week, but like all the other classes we will have to treasure the memories and hope we can do something special and different next year, if we get to that point by then. I’ll miss all the ones that usually come to our reunion and I’m sure all the other classes are disappointed too. We still have to keep praying and hope things will get better. o

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