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The 11th Indiana Zouaves, led by Col. Lew Wallace, cross the bridge over the South Branch at double time to attack Confederate defenders on June 11, 1861, a Tuesday.

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100 Years Ago — June 9, 1920

A carrier pigeon alighted, exhausted, at the Rev. G. W. Richardson’s on the afternoon of May 31. On a band on its left leg was “H. P. 10582,” with the figures 19 inside a diamond. On its right leg inside band were the figures “792.” Mr. Richardson took care of the pigeon, fed and watered it and turned it loose, but it refused to leave.

Tuesday electricity was, for the first time, turned on in the new Vanderlip power line which was built primarily for supplying power to the town water pumping station located at Geo Hamilton’s place, about 2 and a half miles west of town. A preliminary test was given the motor and lamps, and Mr. O’Hara states everything appears to be working satisfactorily. However, no actual water has been pumped yet with the electric power, for the reason that the town has not yet been able to secure the pulley and belt, but they hope to have these soon, and it is expected that the use of this power will in large measure prevent the scarcity of water which has heretofore existed in hot, dry weather, when we need it most.

There was a considerable amount of whiskey or hard cider afloat here Saturday. There were several who had imbibed too freely and were misbehaving who should have been put under arrest. One young man was arrested for driving an automobile while intoxicated and Mayor Linthicum fined him $25 and costs. He also gave bond for his appearance before a magistrate for having whiskey in his possession. It has been a long time since we have had any trouble of this kind here and the officers should see that this kind of “sport” is nipped in the bud.

50 Years Ago — June 10, 1970

“Sing Into The 70’s” was the theme of a Fashion Show held at Hampshire High School May 22. Forty-three students modeled the garments they had made during a Clothing Construction unit, supervised by Miss Wanda Powell, Home Economics teacher. The outfits modeled ranged from sportswear to dress-up fashions. Narrators were Debra Swank, Teresa Lee and Debbie Dickens.

Lois Rannells, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rannells, of Slanesville, has been awarded a trophy for being the outstanding girl gymnast of Capon Bridge. The gymnastic team exhibited their skill on May 25, to a large audience, performing many feats on the parallel bars, balance beam, horizontal bar and side horse. Many stunts were performed on mats and a breath-taking exhibition of muscle coordination was observed as the girls displayed their skill in rope climbing.

Rod Huff, former football star at Hampshire High School and Concord College, is now serving in Vietnam as crew chief and door gunner on a “Huey” helicopter, part of a squadron that has been engaged in the attacks on the sanctuary areas in Cambodia.


40 Years Ago — June 11, 1980

Helicopter flights over this area are being scheduled in June and July by the Potomac Edison Company as part of their power line maintenance program and PE’s Assistant Division Manager B. F. Elkins has asked that local residents not be alarmed by the copters since the flights are routine ones.

Navy Postal Clerk 2nd Class Carl E. Foley Jr., son of Carl E. Foley Sr. of Green Spring, has returned from a deployment in the Mediterranean. He is a crew member aboard the destroyer USS Spruance homeported in Norfolk, Va. While deployed, his ship operated as the flagship for Destroyer Squadron 24.

Lyndon Willis, son of Mrs. Betty Mae Willis-Gonzalez of Romney has been awarded a $150.00 John C. Shaw Scholarship. This scholarship is for students whose health, intelligence and habits show promise of commendable careers. Mr. Willis will attend Fairmont State College and study communications. He hopes to achieve an Associates Degree and work in radio and television.


30 Years Ago — June 13, 1990

The South Branch Valley Railroad has 2 special Civil War theme excursions planned for Saturday, Sept. 8, 1990, in Romney during the 11th Annual Hampshire Heritage Days. Railroad enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy the 3-hour round-trip to Sycamore Bridge and back through the scenic trough where bald eagles soar on thermal air currents and put on quite a show. An on-board narrator and guide will point out natural and historic places of interest.

The W. Va. Wildlife Resources Division has announced that the 1990 wild boar permit applications are now available. The 1990 wild boar split firearms season will be Nov. 1-3 and Dec. 17-19 in Boone, Logan, Raleigh and Wyoming Counties. Hunters may only apply for 1 part of the firearm season. Information about the seasons is printed on the application and the 1990 W. Va. Hunting and Trapping Regulations.

The Pictorial History of Hampshire County book committee is reminding everyone of the old photograph reprinting evening at the Hampshire county Public Library in Romney, June 29. This would be a good chance to enter a photo in the contest sponsored by the pictorial book committee. Just to refresh your memory, we’re looking for the funniest and the most rare of historical photos, each of which will receive a certificate for the new book when published, and the overall best photo will also receive a $50 saving bond.


20 Years Ago — June 14, 2000

Motorists are finding very few bargains at the gas pumps now that summer is here. With gas prices fluctuating over the past few months, some experts were predicting a reprieve from the high cost of petroleum. However, the reprieve was short-lived and prices at the pumps have again climbed to heights that are leaving travelers exasperated. Prices around Hampshire County vary, depending on where and when gas is purchased. On Tuesday mornings, the Country Store in Springfield was selling gas at $1.59 for regular unleaded.

The Indian Mound Cemetery Gardens, a community improvement project of the General Federation Woman’s Club of Romney, were dedicated on May 29. Many members of the GFWC of Romney and community attended the dedication ceremony and heard the litany prepared and given by the Rev. Doug Shepherd.

A joint effort of American Legion Hampshire Post 91, VFW Post 1101, both of Romney, and the help of Jerry Mezzatesta, in the form of a government grant, have resulted in the beautiful, thought-provoking veterans’ memorial placed on the lawn of the American Legion. The rainy weekend before the placement, Post 91 Commander Bill Blackburn and fellow veterans and officers, Danny Quinn, Jack Norris and Jim Childress, worked digging the base for the new memorial and a place to relocate the old memorial.


10 Years Ago — June 9, 2010

Nearly 150 Romney Middle School eighth-grade students and parents participated in a 21st century learning event June 2 held at Taggart Hall in Romney. Teacher Rob Wolford said this Civil War Trail wayside marker is the first in a series of 7. Wolford said the project taught students from the ground up how to obtain funding, how to work on an identified project while assessing and rating the success of the project. “They had to select a site and decide how frequently the site was visited by tourists. Then they had to get approval to install the sign,” said Wolford.

Romney Elementary School celebrated its Accelerated Reader Program last Thursday. Instead of points, students were able to earn water balloons. The reward — throw them at the teachers. Students earned a total of 586 balloons, which they willingly and excitedly tossed.

She swam. She biked. She ran. Donna Brown of Romney became the first blind athlete to complete the Rocky Gap Sprint Triathlon in its 23-year history last Saturday, and had “a great time” doing it. “I survived without too much trouble,” she said Monday. “I didn’t have to stumble across the finish line.” For Brown, a five-time medalist in the international paralympic games, this was her first triathlon, along with a couple of other firsts. She swam for the first time in open water, accompanied by Caleb Stair of Frostburg State. She raced on a bicycle for the first time, riding a tandem behind Charlie Streisel of Augusta. On the last leg of the race, Tim Stewart of Romney ran with her through the state park. 

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