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If you haven’t heard, billionaire Elon Musk is a brand-new dad to a bouncing baby boy he named, “X Æ A-12.” Unfortunately, for the SpaceX founder, California law prohibits the use of numerals or symbols on birth certificates, so the newborn’s name was officially changed to, “X AE A-Xii.”

In case you’re curious, Musk and the baby’s mother are calling their son either “X” or “Ash.”

Then, last week, I read that a Maryland woman named her newborn son, “Covid.” I guess she must’ve taken heed of Elon Musk’s difficulty with putting numbers on his child’s birth certificate and preemptively dropped the “19.”

To be fair, Covid is the boy’s middle name. I bet when he’s older he’s really going to stump a lot of people in the “I bet you can’t guess my middle name” game.

Later in the week, my friend rescued a new female dog. She sent me a picture and asked if I had any name ideas. I told her about the newfound use of Covid, but that I didn’t yet know if it was only a boy’s name or could be used for girls, too.

Talking it over, I suggested that maybe, ’Rona is the feminine version of Covid. It’s kind of like Brian and Brianna or Joseph and Josephine.

Similarly, our oldest daughter’s friend recently got a brand-new kitten. When our daughter saw the fluffy new bundle, her friend asked if she had any name suggestions. Our daughter told her friend that she doesn’t have the best track record with naming pets.

Her first go at it was a calico cat, named Celebration Gray Rooney Savage. Her second attempt was a brown-and-white guinea pig. She called it Rainbow Milk Dora Savage.

As our daughter was retelling this conversation to us at supper, our son was laughing. That’s when his big sister said, “Well, I wanted to name you Curly Cinderella.”

Let me say, the boy does love slapstick humor and often takes a long time to put on his shoes, but I think that name would’ve been a little over the top. I told our son he should be glad I held veto power.

Not only did I deny Curly Cinderella, but also his dad’s suggestion of Jebediah Beauregard. My husband piped up defending the name with the same argument he presented 14 years ago, “It’s a fine southern name, and we’d have the same initials.”

Our son, forever the politician, told his dad it would be a good name, and he might use it as his Western Character in a video game. Then, he added, “I don’t want my son to have the same initials as me. I was thinking I’d name him, Andrew Stephen Savage. Every time he put his initials on something, it would be hilarious.”

I should’ve expected so much from a boy who, for years, has wanted me to buy our dog, Athena Skywalker Savage, a water bowl monogrammed with her initials.

I hope our son’s future wife knows about the power of the name veto, because reading the baby news from these past few weeks I’m beginning to wonder if it’s being exercised as generously as it should be.

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