Don Kesner

So what happens if cities, counties and states decide to defund police departments? And what do these new ideas have to say about the future of America?

The idea of defunding police departments is dangerous to say the least. Without local, county or state backing, trying to keep a police force alive and at work will be literally impossible.

Consider as well the reports that a number of police officers are being killed across the country. That has prompted a number of officers to turn in their weapons and shields, thus lessening the number law enforcement officers altogether.

We have constant riots, destruction, burning buildings and looting in our city streets this is not the time to be thinking about defunding police departments.

This is the time when our police officials need the backing and support of other law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies should be standing together and putting a stop to these riots. Someone one has to step up and take charge of what’s going on. Current activities such as going into stores and dragging store owners out into the street and assaulting them, even to the point of their demise is criminal to say the least.

Why are we allowing such things to continue?

Lawlessness in our streets has in some cases even moved into the suburbs and all under the guise of racism.

I am strongly concerned that even folks who are not racist will become racist because of the violence that is being perpetrated across our nation.

Groups have blatantly moved into a precinct in Seattle and locked police officials and officers out of their own building.

Our president has threatened to disperse the National Guard into areas where police departments need assistance. Yet folks are complaining that making such a move is overstepping presidential authority. They are afraid that doing so will cause a civil war again in our nation.

We already have a civil war going on now, the problem is we have only one side doing the fighting while the rest are sitting back and letting it happen. And it’s not a matter of one race against another. It’s about a more liberal way of thinking verses a more conservative way.

While some may think I am attempting to rally a militia-type response, that’s not the case. I am instead calling for law enforcement officials and officers to stand up and gain control of the chaos that is happening.

Folks across our country today are brandishing some kind of philosophy which says that if law enforcement takes a stand against what’s going on, then no matter what is done, police will be considered racist and the violence will only escalate further.

And so the hands of law enforcement are tied. Pardon the expression but our police departments today are “darned if they do and darned if they don’t.”

Therefore, it’s no wonder that police officers who are sworn to uphold the law are turning in their uniforms, hanging up their weapons and calling it quits. And who can blame them? No matter what they have sworn to do, it means nothing if they are not allowed to do it.

They are concerned for their own safety as well as the safety of their families.

And yet there are voices that cry out against any form of engagement because they are afraid of what might be, and so they settle for what is.

Now I ask once again, what about the future of our nation? How much longer will we be able to call her “America the beautiful?”

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