Don Kesner

It seems like there are 2 topics of conversation anymore — it’s either COVID-19 or politics. And talk to the right people and they will tell you that COVID-19 is a direct result of a conspiracy on the part of one political party or the other.

Follow me for the sake of this column and let’s step away from both of these topics and get our minds on something a little more uplifting and encouraging.

After all, let’s get real and talk about what is and not about what might be.

We are all aware that we could come down with the COVID-19 virus and if so our lives would suddenly be disrupted and put on hold for a season and we know that one political party or the other is going to lose the November election. Enough said.

That is the prospect of what could be. But let’s talk about what is. For example we know that for most of us reading this column are in the age category of knowing that either way tomorrow is going to come and with it the sun will come up. The truth of the matter is that we will wake up, our bones will creak and our muscles will ache and we will get out of bed with sound effects that include a few moans and groans but we will suck it up and get out of bed anyway, thankful that we have another day.

We will thank God for another opportunity to see the sunshine, another chance to hear our children’s voices, even if they are over the telephone and we will give thanks for having our grandchildren stop in for another unexpected visit.

Suddenly we will appreciate how nice things are and we will forget about what might one day be.  The dog will bark, the cat will meow, the timer on the oven will go off reminding us that dinner is ready and we will be glad for what that is and that we are not living with what could be.

The Bible tells us that tomorrow will have enough problems of its own and that we should not worry about tomorrow’s issues until tomorrow gets here. Psalm 23 is a reminder of how the Good Shepherd makes provision for us for tomorrow so that we don’t have to worry. While He takes care of tomorrow’s provisions, we are expected to relax beneath shady green pastures and enjoy the refreshing waters from the rippling cool brooks.

I think it’s time to forget about the threat of COVID-19 and the upcoming November election, just be ready to do our part and be assured that the Good Shepherd will do His part.

That way we won’t have to worry about how we want things to be, we will only have to relax and enjoy how things are.

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