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The Delaware tribe at Hampshire County’s 4-H Camp in 1951. Other tribes were Cherokee, Mingo, Big Foot and Seneca.

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100 Years Ago — Feb. 16, 1921

The son of the Rev. Mr. Thomas was brought to his home in Springfield, this county, from Keyser, where he was a student at the Preparatory School, last week with a well-defined case of smallpox. How the disease originated in Keyser is not certainly known, but there have been many persons there who have been vaccinated.

Sugar took a considerable tumble last week, and is selling at wholesale in New York as low as 7 cents a pound. It should not be so long before there is a reduction in retail prices.

Hagerstown barbers have reduced the price of haircuts from 35 to 25 cents and shaves from 15 to 10 cents.

Jeff Brown showed us an egg yesterday that was laid by 1 of his hens. It was a curiosity, being 2-1/4 inches long and 7/8ths of an inch at the widest part. It is pointed on 1 end but has a bump on the other 1, and is somewhat curved.


50 Years Ago — Feb. 17, 1971

A low of zero on the 11th and a high of 62 degrees on the 12th have been recorded for the past week. Precipitation measured 0.69 inches.

The children at the Burlington Home for Children and Youth are covered up with S&H Green Stamps, 1,700 books or 2,040,000 stamps. These stamps will soon be turned into a new Club Van, which has been needed for some time to provide the boys and girls with transportation to church, school and recreational activities.

Race registration forms and programs for the 8th Annual Petersburg Whitewater Weekend, W. Va.’s major canoeing event, are ready for distribution. They foretell an exciting and rewarding weekend for boaters and spectators. The Potomac Highland Wildwater Championship Race, Sat., April 3, held over the North Fork from mouth of Seneca, at the junction of W. Va. routes 33, 4 and 28 to the Dolly Camp ground, has grown rapidly in popularity and number of entries.


40 Years Ago — Feb. 18, 1981

Mrs. Sarah S. Morgret of 340 W. Birch Lane in Romney, has won 3rd prize in a nationwide “Afghan and Coverlet Contest” sponsored by Woman’s Day magazine. Mrs. Morgret’s winning quilt, featured in the magazine’s March 10th issue, was selected from over 15,000 entries. In honor of her 3rd place, she will be awarded a cash prize of $100 by the magazine.

Madeline Blue, President, Hampshire County Board of Education, was among 600 school board members from throughout the nation who met in Washington, D.C., Feb. 1-3, to discuss federal legislation affecting public education and to confer with their Congressmen and leaders of the Reagan Administration. Blue was appointed by the 2nd Congressional district of W. Va.

The Hampshire County Committee on Aging is in the process of receiving nominations for a senior citizens who would be interested in serving on a steering committee for the Silver Haired Legislature. Regular meetings will be held at various locations throughout the state. The twofold purpose of the Silver Haired Legislature is to provide elders an opportunity to become knowledgeable about the legislative process through actual involvement in it and to develop a forum for delegates to set their own legislative priorities.


30 Years Ago — Feb. 20, 1991

Wives and family members of 351st Ordnance Company soldiers stationed in Saudi Arabia are probably resting a little easier following a visit to the support group meeting last week by the unit’s Chief Warrant Officer Ronald Talbot. Talbot met with the support group after arriving home on emergency leave due to the death of his mother-in-law. And it didn’t take long for the Martinsburg soldier to let family members know that spirits are high for the men and women of the 351st.

People with talent are needed to provide a night of entertainment and high spirits for the area. McNeill’s Rangers, Inc., is sponsoring a talent show to provide the community with an opportunity to showcase area talent. Titled “A Tapestry of Talents – A Salute to Our Troops,” the night will be a tribute to our troops involved with Desert Storm.

More than 387,000 FFA members are promoting FFA, agricultural education, and the food and fiber industry during National FFA Week, Feb. 16-23. FFA members in more than 7,600 chapters across the U.S., including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, will be organizing events and activities to create awareness of, and support for, agricultural education and FFA.


20 Years Ago — Feb. 21, 2001

The West Virginia State Police has been awarded a grant to almost double the number of in-car video camera systems the department currently owns. The $423,807 grant, awarded through the United States Department of Justice, will enable police to purchase 112 in-car cameras. A total of 130 cruisers are currently equipped with camera systems, according to state police media representative Sgt. M.G. Corsaro of Charleston.

The proposed $1.25 million Romney “3-lane” project has been delayed for a 2nd time within 1 year. The road expansion project was rescheduled early last year from a spring 2000 date to a new April 2001 start.

Now, the work is scheduled for next spring, said Bill Hartman, who heads the District 5 office in Burlington. Hartman said the Romney 3-lane is now scheduled to be advertised for contract bidding in December with work starting in the spring of 2002. He said the highway division had to “slide back” the 3-lane project due to financial considerations.

Last year there were 3 confirmed cases of raccoons in Hampshire County carrying the rabies virus. The last reported case was in November. No other confirmed cases have occurred since that time, according to county health officials. In West Virginia, raccoons are the most common way people are exposed to rabies.

10 Years Ago — Feb. 16, 2011

Romney Police Chief Donald See presented the City Council during its regular meeting last week his department’s annual statistical report showing year-end data from 2010. The Romney police department handled nearly 800 calls and initiated 156 investigations in 2010, Chief See reported to the council. Of the total number of investigations, the department completed or closed out 59 percent of the cases. “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished on getting on completions,” the chief said.

Last year the brown marmorated stinkbug destroyed about 1/4 of the fruit crop in the region, according to Tracy Leskey, research entomologist at the USDA Research facility in Kearneysville. “We saw entire blocks of apples, peaches and pears heavily attacked by the bug in 2010,” said Leskey. “The bug does significant injury particularly to fruit trees.” The stinkbug pierces fruit and sucks juice out of it. The dam- aged fruit has to be used as a processed product such as applesauce and not sold as a prime fruit.

Flu season runs from fall to late spring. “Generally from January through March we see the worst flu-like cases,” said Hampshire County Health Department health nurse Judy Cox, RN. Cox said since the beginning of 2011 the health department has seen between 1 and 3 cases a week – until last week. “The week of Feb. 7 we had 18 flu-like cases reported,” Cox said. Twenty-four cases, including last week’s 18, have been reported since the 1st of January.

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