CAPON BRIDGE — Student of the 3rd 9 weeks assemblies were held for all 3 grade levels at Capon Bridge Middle School.

For the 3rd 9 weeks, teachers looked at students who are learning.  The focus for the student of the 9 weeks has been the mission statement, “Be Kind, Work Hard, and Learn.” These students were the best examples of students who were progressing in their learning.

In 6th grade, the students of the 3rd 9 weeks are (pictured left to right) Savannah Hines, Penelope Odom, Alyssa Strother and Summer Haines.  These students have really worked hard and learned the 6th grade standards.

In 7th grade, the students of the 3rd 9 weeks are (pictured left to right) Ann Downs, principal; John Brown, Bailey Nichols, Sierra Smelser and Kaydence Dizerga.

In 8th grade, the students of the 3rd 9 weeks are Nicole Nealis (teacher), Seth Mercer, Arleen Carbaugh (teacher), Bailey Saville, Melissa Didiana (teacher), Mark Meadows (teacher) and Amanda Whitacre (teacher).  Not pictured are Malacai Goodwater, and Sasha Rohr.

We are very proud of our students who have been working hard and learning despite the conditions that we have endured during the pandemic.  We are working hard together and going to finish strong.

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