Don Kesner

It seems everyone can feel it. And those who do may not know exactly what it is they are sensing but they just know that our world is on the verge of something of Biblical proportion.

Christians talk about an event called the rapture and non-believers write it off as just another Waco-style happening that will eventually end in a replicated catastrophe.

But Jesus himself talked about going away to prepare a place for those who believe in Him.

"That where I am, there you may be also." John 14.

It was something that was planned long before anyone ever thought about cartoon characters like the Jetsons or fictional figures such as Luke Skywalker.

I am in no way attempting to predict a time or day when Jesus will return to take His people to heaven to be with Him.

However the Bible does give us "signs of the times," and tells us that when we see these come about we should "look up for our redemption is getting close."

We say we believe it.

We nod our heads when the preacher preaches and say "amen" to express our support when it is talked about but find it extremely difficult to make our lives fall in line with the idea of getting ready to go.

If we really believe that the imminent return of Christ is getting close, shouldn't we be packing our spiritual bags in obedience?

We're living in a day when one would think that people would be running to churches and pews would be packed with folks wanting to assure their eternal destiny.

We may have no control over when or how we will face death, should the Lord tarry, but we can be assured of where we will spend eternity.

I am reminded of Sept. 11, 2001, and how terrorist attacks resulted in many running to church to pray and to invoke God's hand to once again cover our nation and protect us again.

Yet, it seemed as quickly as the bombings happened, the fear of man and the need for God subsided and was soon forgotten and the daily lifestyles of most went back to normal as if nothing had even happened.

Today in our nation, we have had 4 major shooting events in as many months.

Our city streets are becoming troughs in which the blood of innocent victims run.

Our flags remain at half-staff because the shootings come so quickly we don't have a chance to raise them.

The truth be known, it may very well be that our flags are remaining at half-staff, not just to mourn the death of our fallen officers and soldiers, per se, but maybe to mourn the demise of the nation we have always known and loved.

And with all the tragedies we still go on about our daily business, too selfish to give up our focus on our own personal wants and failing to put our focus on our own personal spiritual needs.

We know right from wrong but can't seem to bring ourselves to take a spiritual stand for the things we know to be right.

For instance, we get upset at places like Target for buckling in to social pressure and allowing transgenders to decide on a daily basis which restroom suits their fancy on any given day.

It doesn't matter if my wife or daughters might be in the same facility.

Pastors and religious organizations shouldn't have to call for a boycott of such businesses. It should be common sense to refuse to support places, but it would be too much of an inconvenience.

After all, we might miss out on a weekly sale or something, so we once again let our own wants override what we know is right.

It's easy at times to say we believe something, like the soon return of Christ for His people, but when it comes to taking a stand: that, my friend, is a completely different story.

Originally published July 20, 2016

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