Beets, a super vegetable also called by its botanical name Beta Vulgaris, is suited for full or partial sun exposer to adequately grow. This rapid growing, cool-seasoned crop comes in many different shapes and a variety of colors including yellow, white or red bulbs. 

In comparison to other crops, beets are temperature resilient and are able to survive freezing temperatures as well as frost, which makes them a low-maintenance long season crop. Beets can be planted in 50 degrees F temperatures, which make them perfect for planting in the early months of March and April as well as late June and September. Beets are low in calories with the highest content of sugar across all other vegetables. Aside from this, beets contain no cholesterol but include a source of vitamins, minerals, iron and dietary fiber. Beets have been known to treat anemia, cancer, indigestion, respiratory problems, kidney disorders and helps to improve blood circulation. Below are healthy beet recipes to try in your home. 

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