Dr. Roy Knight

“I just don’t know if I believe anymore—and I don’t know what to do about it.”

I hear words like these a lot from people around me, no matter what religious background they may have had. They are once-religious people who, for any number of reasons, are now finding the very ground of faith eroding beneath their feet—and they are panicking. And this fear is understandable. After all, this is terrifying stuff to endure. It’s one thing to question the institutional Church or to poke holes in the religious systems we’ve put in place, or even critique the Bible and how we interpret it. Those are all sustainable losses. We can endure such things, experience these crises and still hold a steady confidence in the belief that God is and that God is good. Even if, on some days, those are all that remains of our fragile faith narrative, they can be enough.

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