Beverly Malcolm

“Go home, my people, and lock your doors! Hide yourselves for a little while until the Lord’s anger has passed.” (Isaiah 26:20)

Quarantine is in the Bible.

Birthday wishes to Frank Lambert, March 26; Jennifer Montgomery, Kaleigh Rae Largent, Rick Haines, March 27; Bob Bradfield, March 30; Donna Bohrer on April 3 and Ruth Long on April 7.

Anniversary wishes to Kenny and Mary Pownell, March 24; Ricky and Tammy Nelson, John and Darla Sturgeon, March 30; Don and Diana Perry and Bob and Darlene Bradfield, April 2; Ralph and Beverly Malcolm, 55 years, on April 4.

To check with school happenings, it is best to call the schools to find out. Report cards can be picked up at schools or go online to get your grades after March 23.

Light House Assembly of God put their message on the Internet Sunday at 10:30 a.m. They will do it again this Sunday, March 29. They are still making plans for Vacation Bible School June 15-19. Capon Chapel is still planning at this time for their VBS July 20-24. Their Women’s Ministry was taught by Cindy Parker online through Women’s Ministry. Lesson was SMELL with scriptures to look up. It was very good, and we are thankful that she stepped up to help build our faith during this hard time.

Received a call that a cousin Loretta Moreland Barr lost her daughter Bernice from Indiana to the coronavirus on Sunday morning. Sympathy to the family. Doesn’t matter age, color or what you do, it is deadly. Not much news. Stay in, don’t travel and please wash your hands. If you are over 60, have someone pick up medicine and groceries. You are giving them a blessing to be able to do for you, and you receive one also.

Please remember in prayer Sandy Moreland, Kenny Wolford, Scottie and Mischell Bohrer, Lori Pownell Zebarth, Bella Bauserman, Patty Campbell, Betty Jo Bohrer, Kasey Mowery, Tessa Carpenter, Ethan Sowers, Darlene Bradfield, Tony Embery, Wayne Miller, Gary Kidwell and Boyd Saville. 

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