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The Parker House hotel, which sat where the Rite Aid is located now in Romney.


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100 Years Ago — September 17, 1919

Gov. Cornwell declared that the threatened invasion of the coal miners’ “army” of Logan County that threatened to shoot up people was an attempt at revolution. The governor states that a thorough investigation of the Logan fields will be carried out and expressed the opinion that the movement was planned deliberately and in detail by those directing it.

Every American soldier who became a “casualty” in the war against Germany at last has been accounted for.

The Prohibition Enforcement law, now in the last stages of enactment, will fall like a wet blanket on the Bureau of Internal Revenue, which is charged with carrying out its provisions. It is estimated by Government “moonshine” hunters that it will require three times as many men as the measure provides for and at least $10,000 annually to enforce federal prohibition.


50 Years Ago — September 17, 1969

 The situation in the Middle East grows more tense all the time as the attitude and activities of both the Arab nations and Israel grow more belligerent.

The Soil Conservation Service is making outdoor “fun” from potential floods. Lakes built to ease flooding in the northeast are expected to help provide wholesome recreation for four million Americans this year.

Miss Mary Lou (McGee) Wirth, a 1964 graduate of Keyser High School and a 1966 alumnus of Potomac State College is set to participate in the 1969 Miss USA World Contest.


40 Years Ago — September 12, 1979

Mrs. Leona Kidwell, Mrs. Mae Sowers, both of Romney; Mrs. Mona Stickley, Burlington; and Mrs. Zylea Lewis, LaVale, Md., all attended the Miss America Pageant at Atlantic City, N.J., recently.

Mrs. Lillian Luttrell and Mrs. Floyd King returned last week from a three-week vacation in Texas. They attended the ALA National Convention in Houston and spent Labor Day weekend in San Antonio and visited Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. York in Beaumont. Mrs. York is the former Miss Pat King of Romney.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Oates and Duane, accompanied their daughter, Helen, to Duke University, Durham, N.C., recently. Helen will resume her studies at the Divinity School there.

30 Years Ago — September 13, 1989

Although the $25,000 objective set in early summer has been met, contributions are still coming in for the Hampshire High School Baseball Field fund. Baseball Coach Donnie Davis said all future donations will go directly to the lighting of the field, since enough money and labor have been donated to completely finish the field.

The autumn season reveals the beauty of West Virginia at its best and one of the Mountain State’s scenic views of mountains, land, and river can be found via a train ride “up the Trough” from Hampshire to Hardy County. In addition, passengers can see the area of the Trough’s own Bald Eagle, and if the eagle chooses to cooperate, its flight will be a memorable event. The Romney Volunteer Fire Company has arranged for an excursion aboard the South Branch Railroad on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 14, 15, 21, and 22.

20 Years Ago — September 15, 1999

Elton and Wink Judy, Shanks, celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary at Niagara Falls, Canada, on Aug. 30.

The West Virginia business publication, The State Journal, recently published a list of the top 100 private-industry employers in Hampshire County: Food Lion Inc., Allegheny Power, Rite Aid, and Family Dollar.

Douglas York Jr. and daughters, Lynne Mathis, with Ben and Maury, all of Richmond, Va., were with their parents, the Doug Yorks and their grandmother, Mrs. Nell King, who celebrated her 96th birthday all weekend.

10 Years Ago — September 16, 2009

According to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, West Virginia ranks the second highest in the nation for exporting guns used in crimes that are later recovered by police.

Local farmers attest that a recession knows no boundaries. It affects the rich and the poor, businesses and individuals, as well as municipalities and rural settings. Hampshire County farmer Garrett Kuykendall Jr. said late last week that the recession has even hit farms and the cattle industry.

Residents from Capon Bridge, Delray, Paw Paw and other parts of the region attended the March on Washington Sept. 12, also known as the Tea Party. o

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