Beverly Malcolm

“Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.”

Happy birthday wishes to Jeff Eaton and Byron Wilkins, Feb. 15; Hunter Daughtery, Feb. 17; Mike Crouse, Feb. 18; Izik Pownell and Beth Hott, Feb. 19; Rachael Moreland, Feb. 21; great-granddaughter Harlynn Jenkins, the big “3” on Feb. 22; and Jeanne Alt, Feb. 22; Adam Largent, Jr., Feb. 23; Declan Mulledy and Brandon Walker, Feb. 24; Ellen Wilkins, Feb. 25; Evan Daughtery, Feb. 27; Patty Hurt, Feb. 28.

Anniversary wishes to Larry and Sheila Combs, Feb. 20 and Nigel and Heather Delaney, Feb. 14.

Roger Montgomery Jr. is doing better after his accident, taking it easy and trying to regain his strength.

I am doing well after my surgery. I have been released from the surgeon, but still have a ways to go to regain my strength. Appreciate all the phone calls, prayers, cards and well wishes. They all meant a lot to me. Continue with your prayers, please.

Capon Chapel has had to cancel services because of the weather and ice, but hoping soon we will be back in church. Miss it so much.

Sympathy to the Norma Shell family and the Robert Bowley family. Robert was my husband Ralph’s cousin, and son of Ernest and Belle Lewis Bowley.

Prayer concerns are Roger Montgomery, Terri Santymire, Jeff and Tammy Veach, George Hurt, Alice Roksandich, John Sturgeon, Keith Lambert Sr., Don Perry, Betty Galliher, Jim Simpson and Chrissy Fout.

Everyone stay safe in this weather.

Any news, call or email o

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