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Troop 32 and Pack 32 representatives participate in the Scouting for Food drive.

Troop 32 joined forces with Pack 32 and Troops 76 and 9076 Saturday, Nov. 20. Troop 32 has always done a biannual food drive, where we delivered brown paper bags with door hangers to each home in Romney, from the Deaf and Blind School on Main Street to School Street to Dave’s Exxon to Valley View on the north from Main Street to Whippoorwill, South Hills, to Route 50 on the east, Harvest Hills, Dogwood, New and Old Sunrise Summit and Savillavale. We normally would put out 900 bags with door hangers that Troop 32 walked, whether it rained or snowed.

Due to the pandemic, we were not able to get a food drive around Mother’s Day. We had to be creative, and I had the idea after conversing with Bret Hano, Eagle Scout, as well as my children Milda Marie Mullins, Scoutmaster, and Charles Michael Mullins, Assistant Scoutmaster, who have extensive food drive experience. We all agreed and came up with doing the food drive at the stores. I contacted all the stores that sell food, and most of them agreed it was a great idea. I also invited Pack 32 and Troops 76 and 9076, and they all came and helped us cover the stores. Many thanks to them.

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Boxes of food were stacked high once the drive was completed.

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