Robert Combs

Chapters 12 to 16 of Revelation introduces us to larger-than-life characters who act out a drama on Earth.

First, a woman recognizable as Israel brings forth a man child whom history has informed us is the Son of God.

Against him was a great battle with the Angels of the Devil, the great dragon called Satan as John watches a beast rises up from the Sea. The 4th great world kingdom spoken of by David in some form of the Roman Empire is to exist to the end of time.

If you look at our western world, you can see how that every nation of the western hemisphere was settled by a member nation of the Roman Empire. We are Roman to the core: The whole western world is Roman in its thought, philosophy and alibis associated will this beast out of the Sea to another beast or religious leader who rises out of the Earth and who may be with the antichrist.

Maybe you have asked the question what are the 2 beasts in Revelation 13? The short answer is they represent the Antichrist and the False Prophet. These 2, empowered by Satan, set out with a mission to deceive many during the Great Tribulation.

Chapters 14 through 16 largely deal with the description of the vows of God’s wrath, which are exactly the same of those livable judgment of what Jesus spoke when he said the Sun would be darkened, the Moon turns to blood and God’s wrath would be poured out over the earth.

As Jesus said referring that the weed planted among the good wheat. Let both grow together until the Harvest — Matthew 13: 30.  In Revelation 19, you have the Harvest as predicted in Revelation 14. The Harvest occurs when Jesus return to Earth. Then the good or evil shall be judged by the  Lord Jesus Christ.

The time is near. Are you ready? Don’t be late.

The Beast is already here. Look around and be careful. You still need to ask for forgiveness to receive everlasting life. God is good and full of love for you and I love Him as He Loves you.

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