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Glenville State College student Della Moreland operating a bulldozer during her summer internship.

GLENVILLE — Glenville State College Department of Land Resources student Della Moreland completed an internship over the summer and has recently shared information about that internship experience with other students at Glenville State.

Moreland, from Augusta, is a Wildlife Management student. She worked with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Section at the Big Ugly Wildlife Management Area in Lincoln County.

She worked with the wildlife manager and had experience managing public access areas and wildlife/land management. She was able to assist with sampling a whitetail deer for chronic wasting disease, responded to a wild boar nuisance call, helped set up a bear trap, monitored elk trail cameras, and repaired elk pens. Moreland also learned how to operate a bulldozer, worked to prepare food plots, and helped capture and relocate 150 geese.

Moreland was one of several students who took part in internship opportunities this summer. Those students also recently shared information about their summer work experiences with others as part of a Land Resources Seminar Series.

Glenville State offers a Summer Work Experience course for all of its academic programs in Forestry, Land Surveying, Environmental Science, Energy and Land Management, Criminal Justice, and Wildlife Management.

“We believe that these internships provide our students with hands-on experience that serves as a valuable foundation for a career in natural resource management in the future. To complement the student’s academic experience, we specifically request that the employment covers any of the activities related to certain disciplines in natural resource management and the student’s major,” said Dr. Rico Gazal, Chair of the Department of Land Resources.

As an intern, the students were registered for the Summer Work Experience course that requires a minimum of 160 hours (unpaid) or 320 hours (paid) of internship. The hours must be related to the natural resource management discipline throughout the duration of the internship.

Students are also required to submit a Summer Work Experience Report every two weeks that provides the details of duties accomplished, number of hours spent for each task, and relevant academic courses applied. The internships usually begin as soon as the spring semester has ended.

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