What’s a Farm Crawl?  A day focused on encouraging people to explore the farms in Hampshire County.  Participating locations may be selling products, providing a farm tour or simply sharing with the public what it takes to run a farm. 

Twenty-nine participants across Hampshire County are going to welcome visitors to their farms, ag-related businesses or ag-related attractions.  

Thanks to an educational grant from the Hampshire County Community Foundation, we’ve been able to purchase books about farming for all ages, from babies to adults, which will be presented to our 2 libraries, the Hampshire County Public Library and the Capon Bridge Public Library. Our libraries are also participating by offering ag-related programs leading up to the day of the Farm Crawl.

On the day of the Farm Crawl, you will decide which farms you’d like to visit. Visitors will be able to purchase fresh sweet corn, condiments, fresh herbs, pork, beef, lamb, produce, confections, fresh eggs and milk, plants, herbal teas, flowers, salves, handmade corn brooms and more, all grown or made here in Hampshire County.  

If you’ve ever had a question about raising animals or gardening, this is the perfect opportunity to ask a local farmer for advice. You will learn about different farming practices, like rotational grazing, regenerative agriculture and conservation of farmland.  You’ll have the chance to pick your own flowers and see a demonstration of how a corn broom is made.  The toughest part of the day is going to be deciding where to go and what to see.  Check out our website for descriptions of the farms at https://cometohampshire.com/farm-crawl/.  

We are ending the day with a “Head for the Hills” concert at the Hampshire County Fairgrounds in Augusta.  Brennan Edwards, an artist from Gore, will be kicking off the concert at 4 p.m.  He’s performed locally and is gaining recognition in the area, and he is also a nephew to Buddy Dunlap of Bud’s Collective.  

Bud’s Collective, a band whose popularity extends beyond our local area, will take the stage from 5 p.m.-7 p.m.  Buddy’s farm, Capon Crossing, is also part of the Hampshire County Farm Crawl and is home to Bluegrass in the Barn.    

Georgia band Few Miles South writes, records and produces their own songs, and “offer both old school nostalgia and a refreshing detour from today’s predictable pop.” Skope Magazine describes them as “bringing back that classic, country sound and honky-tonk atmosphere.”   Few Miles South will perform from 7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.  Food and drinks will be sold by the Augusta Ruritan Club.  Tickets will go on sale on Eventbrite on May 25 and cost $15 each.  Make sure to bring your chair or a blanket because it’s festival seating at the concert.  

This entire venture is based upon our deep respect, and the deep roots, of farming here in Hampshire County. The last couple of years have been rough. Now more than ever, people want to know where their food is coming from. It seems very idyllic to take a long drive to the country on a hot summer day and visit those people who make magic happen, and perhaps take home a little bit of that magic for themselves. To those of us who live here, it may seem a little silly that anyone would be interested in something so commonplace to us. They’re right, though. It is magic. So, let’s make visitors welcome, point them in the right direction and let our farms, and our farmers, shine.

Holler if you need more information:  call 304-822-7477 or email info@cometohampshire.com.

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