Nina Mason

Twelve things to remember as we start the New Year 2021:

The value of time

The success of perseverance

The pleasure of working

The dignity of simplicity

The worth of character

The power of kindness

The influence of example

The obligation of duty

The wisdom of economy

The virtue of patience

The improvement of talent

And the joy of dignity.

…But most of all…

The future is brighter as God promises.

First and foremost, we again thank the Hampshire Review for printing our articles this past year, and for all of you that have given us news. We wish all our readers a blessed new year. This year has been a trying year. Some have lost loved ones in death, and the virus has been hard on everyone, but we need to remember it is all in God’s hands. Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands and sanitize. (We will remember those words). Christmas sure was different, but next year we pray we will be back to (somewhat) normal. Today is beautiful; the sun is shining.

We send our deepest sympathy to the Frank Baker family on the death of his wife Shirley Miller Baker. Frank and yours truly are related; his grandfather and my grandmother were siblings. To all the other family in Rio and everywhere else, we send our condolences to all families.

The old folks say the first 3 days of January weather rules the first 3 months of winter weather, so that is something to watch for to see if that holds true. Not much to write about, but Holly and I wish all of you a blessed New Year 2021, and may God keep you and us in the palm of his hand. Until next time, stay well and God Bless. o

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