ROMNEY — The Potomac Valley Conservation District has approved cooperators for financial assistance through the Agricultural Enhancement Program.

The approvals were granted at the Sept. 1 district board meeting.  

LIME:  Jerry Moore, Dixon Orndorff, Debbie Pritts, Taylor Watts, *Ronald Miller, Kelly Williams, Timber Ridge Cattle & Produce, Hillbilly Acres, Payton Umstot, Robert Yokum, H L Wilson, Charles Lee, Kevin Gonshor, John Pratt, Kimberly Phares Godwin, SM Bright, Sam Williams, Robert Moran, Adam Goldizen, Terry Alkire, John Hicks, Robert R. Williams

HAY RESEEDING:  Denton Kisamore, John Hicks, John McCoy, Timber Ridge Cattle & Produce, Brookedale Holsteins, Doug Wimer, Thomas Simmons, Robert Moran, Lawrence Whitacre, Travis Hinkle, Robert E. Williams, Berlin Harper, Kenneth Webb, James Coffman, WC Taylor, William Martin, Kelly Williams, Johnny Hevener, Isaiah Smith, Danny Miller, Ervin Wilkins, Rodney Funkhouser, Nicole Fansler

PASTURE RESEEDING:  Larry Hedrick, Thomas Phares, Bruce Hyre, Carl Hevener, Roscoe Ours, Kelly Rumor, Steve Lambert  

HAY ESTABLISHMENT:  Larry Hedrick, SM Bright, Ralph Landis, Charles Armentrout, Bruce Hyre, Sam Williams, Jesse Mace, W.C. Taylor, Travis Hinkle, Flying W Farms

DEER FENCE:  Richard Hamilton, Roy Hedrick, Mallow Farms

INVASIVE SPECIES:  Kenny Long, Timber Ridge Cattle & Produce, River Bridge Farm, *James W. See III, Daisy Hedrick, Tom Phares, Charles Armentrout, Doug Wimer, Diana McMorrow, Allen Warner, Isaiah Smith, Joe Mathias, Berlin Harper, Raymond Carr, Bruce Hyre, Zack Smith, Steve Lambert, Hott’s Farming, Brett Fansler, Viola Riggleman, Lance Davis, Guy Davis, Tim Goldizen, Ralph Keller, John Pratt, William Martin, Mark Fansler, Adam Goldizen, Mary Williams, Michelin Williams, Robert R. Williams, Eric Hartwig, Roy Hedrick, Stephen McCauley, Calvin Ruddle, Frank Seldon, Lawrence Whitacre

HUAP Concrete Pads:  Richard Hamilton, Nathan Delawder, Adam Goldizen, Nathan Griffin

*Indicates supervisor on the Potomac Valley Conservation District Board.

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