County 4-H members demonstrated their creative talents during this year’s 4-H poster contest. Posters were judged and put on display in the Hampshire County Public Library Nov. 16-30. Hampshire County 4-H’ers could choose from the following categories: 4-H Promotion, which strives to increase awareness of the 4-H youth development program for self and others; 4-H Health, Nutrition and Food Safety, which focuses on awareness of health, nutrition and food safety; 4-H Litter, Recycling and Environment, which strives to increase awareness of environmental issues such as litter control, conservation and safe water supply; 4-H Dairy, which focuses on milk and other dairy products and their important nutrient value; and 4-H Safety, which emphasizes safety in the areas of fire prevention and survival, farm safety, water safety and highway safety.

Poster entries selected to compete at the state level will be judged and displayed at WVU Jackson’s Mill and the West Virginia State Fair.

4-H members submitting posters were Addisyn Baker, 2 entries; Neveah Bolyard, Tessa Bolyard, Isaac Boyce, Brycin Cavey, Elleigh Coleman, J.D. Croucher, Victoria Croucher, Alex Embrey, Eli Embrey, Kelsey Feller, Jackson Frazer, Justin Frazer, Claire Hibbs, Hayden Hibbs, Amelia Hicks, Annabelle Kitzmiller and Kyah Lee with 2 entries; Chelsea Osbourne, 2 entries; Emily Glaze, Trista McCormick, Aidan McCrory, Maryanna Milleson, Peyton Milleson, Emma Ramsey, Anthony Ratliff, Levi Richman, Emily Riggleman, Jane Riggleman, Baxter Ritz, Ben Ritz and Hannah Sutphin with 5 entries; Sydney Sager, Ariel Smith, Katelyn Summers, Tyler Swisher, Heather Sylvester, Alexa VanMeter, Eliza VanMeter, Peyton VanMeter and Robbie Wolford.

County entries selected for statewide competition were 4-H Promotion, senior division: Heather Sylvester; 4-H Promotion, junior division: Levi Richman; 4-H Health, Nutrition and Food Safety, junior division: Baxter Ritz; 4-H Health, Nutrition and Food Safety, junior division: Ben Ritz; 4-H Litter, Recycling and Environment, junior division: Robbie Wolford; 4-H Safety, senior division: Tyler Swisher; 4-H Safety, junior division: Justin Frazer; 4-H Dairy, 3rd grade to 11 years: J.D. Croucher, Victoria Croucher and Chelsea Osbourne; and 4-H Dairy, 15-21 years division: Isaac Boyce.

Congratulations to all 4-H’ers who entered a poster in this year’s contest. You are to be commended for your hard work. 4-H members greatly appreciate the Hampshire County Library for allowing 4-H’ers to display their posters and the Hampshire County 4-H Leader’s Association for supplying ribbons for the contest.

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