The Seneca tribe captured the spirit stick during Hampshire County's residential 4-H camp, earning the highest number of points for the week.

4-H Camp provides youth opportunities to develop leadership skills and helps young people develop in the 4 folds of the 4-H program — Head, Heart, Hands and Health.

Highest honors at 4-H camp are the H’s and Spirit awards. This year these were awarded to John Parker, Head H; Shelby Shockey, Heart H; McKenna Grace, Hand H; Luke Corbin, Health H; and Mackenzie Kerns, Spirit.

The 2015 chief and sagamore tribal recognitions are as follows:

Cherokee: Shelby Shockey, chief; Gina Ott, 1st sagamore; Jonathan Gardner, 2nd sagamore; Jarrett Hott, 3rd sagamore; and Isaac Boyce, 4th sagamore; Delaware: McKenna Grace, chief; Kayla Didawick, 1st sagamore; John Parker, 2nd sagamore; Lily Braithwaite, 3rd sagamore; and Makayla Kidner, 4th sagamore; Mingo: Mary Weaver, chief; Mackenzie Kerns, 1st sagamore; Luke Corbin, 2nd sagamore; Jordan Lee, 3rd sagamore; and Marissa Coyle, 4th sagamore; and Seneca: Madison Draper, chief; Sydney Park, 1st sagamore; Emily Carl, 2nd sagamore; Brittany Nelson, 3rd sagamore; and Kirsten Hiett, 4th sagamore;.

4-H campers receiving the West Virginia 4-H charting pin during this year’s 4-H camp were Marissa Coyle, Parker Grace, Makayla Kidner and Sydney Park. WVU Educational camp instructor Sarah Rhodes served as the charting instructor for the week. Sheri Coleman served as the adult advisor.

During Friday night's closing Council Circle numerous awards were presented to the campers. Lucky Penny certificates were awarded to 40 first-year campers. Lucky Nickel certificates were awarded to 22 second-year campers. This year’s Outstanding First Year Camper awards went to Ashton Haslacker, Mulledy Jane Cook, Eliza VanMeter, Jacob Fischer, J.D. Croucher, Taylor Kirk, Chelsea Osbourne, Izik Pownell, Talan Fleming and Mitchel Corbin. The Most Improved Camper Awards went to Alex Smith, William Saville, Elijah Gordon and Joshua Hoopengarner. Numerous campers received 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th year 4-H Felt Awards.

Third-year Felt Awards were given to Hunter McBride, Courtney Evert, Amelia Hicks, Luke Alkire, Alison Twigg, Morgan Allen, Cody Eaton, Kaitlyn Hartman, Allison Saville, Anthony Ratliff, Heather Sylvester, Emma Ramsey, Taylor Richman, Alex Smith, Natali Haines, Hunter Shaffer, Lilly Schutz, Olivia Lee, Alexa VanMeter and Cheyenne Hooker.

Fifth-year Felt Awards went to Corbin Brinker, Glenna Jean Alt, Ella Staley, Emma Shreve, Kaylee Eaton, Catherine Wylie, Carissa Marshall, Adrianna Haines, Maggie Slocum, Brandon Davis, Mikayla Watson and Savannah Stutzman.

Seventh-year Felt Award winners were Liam Corbin, Brittany Nelson, Brandon Evert, Hannah Corbin, Sydney Park, Jordan Clark, Kirsten Hiett, Emily Carl, Isaac Boyce, Brooke Schutz and Jarrett Hott; and 9th-year Felt Awards to Jordan Lee, John Parker and Lily Braithwaite.

Forty-five Cloverbud campers attended 4-H camp on Cloverbud Day. This year’s 4-H Camp Cloverbud Chairperson was Karina Gray.

Jonathan Gardner, Kayla Didawick, Luke Corbin, Emilynn Corbin and Madison Draper received Outstanding Senior Recognition.

Debbie Fuller Service Awards were given to Emily Pownell, Jordan Clark, Makayla Kidner, Isaac Boyce, Hannah Corbin, Emilynn Corbin, Kayla Didawick, Liam Corbin, Mary Weaver, Danielle Slocum, Madison Draper, Jordan Lee, Caleb Nelson, Sydney Park and Josh Hoopengarner.

Outstanding Tribesman Awards were selected by chiefs. The recipients are as follows:

Mingo: Ryan Quick, Daisy Dalrymple, Brooke Schutz, Brandon Davis and Michael Welty; Seneca: Brock Welty, Matthew Trimble, Danielle Slocum, Chloe Hibbs and Desiree Ratliff; Cherokee: Josh Hoopengarner, Emily Pownell, Mulledy Jane Cook, Eli LeMasters and J.D. Colbert; and Delaware: Talan Fleming, Grant Hicks, Liam Corbin, Chelsea Osbourne and Robert Quick.

How How and special thank you to the volunteers and team effort that makes 4-H camp happen in Hampshire County. Volunteer 4-H camp counselors who served were Sue Boyce, Allison Brill, Emily Brill, Laura Brill, Lindsay Brill, Mike Coleman, Sheri Coleman, Misty Cook, Cynthia Corbin, Michelle Corbin, Nathan Coyle, Tammie Coyle, Jason Dalrymple, Marie Fields, Vicki Ford, Kim Grace, Karina Gray, Amy Hicks, Christi Hicks, John Hicks, Tracy Hott, Andrea Kerns, Chelsea Kuykendall, Patty Kuykendall, Tina Ladd, Ginny Lovett, Ronald Mason, Gerald Mathias, Susan Parker, Nicole Pownell, Ashlee Quick, Adanna Richman, Derek Shreve, Keri Shreve, Kelly Sions, Lisa Sions, Nathan Sions, Scott Sions, James Smith, Laura Staley, Stephen Starcher, Sarah VanMeter and Bonnie Wilcox.

Wonderful camp meals were provided by Gretta Ramsey and team from Gretta’s Kitchen. The WVU educational camping instructor was Sarah Rhodes. Our WVU STEM ambassador was Megan Porter. This year’s camp chairperson was Cynthia Corbin. Laura Brill served as the assistant camp chairperson. Serving as this year’s camp nurse was Michelle Corbin. Serving as this year’s family group coordinators were Vicki Ford and Allison Brill. Kim Grace served as this year’s camp store chairperson.

Special thanks to the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Department and Auxiliary for providing camp security, the Peterkin Camp and Conference Center for daily swimming and ice, the Hampshire County Maintenance Department for daily safety inspections and maintenance, Steve Haines for firewood, River View Farm for allowing fishing access and space for the 4-H Shotgun Workshop, Farm Credit for nametags, Romney Fire Department and all 4-H teens serving on 4-H camp planning committees.

Serving as 4-H camp instructors were Rhonda Baker, Julia Barry, Isaac Boyce, Sue Boyce, Allison Brill, Emily Brill, Laura Brill, Christine Brinker, Melinda Chambers, John Cool, Sheri Coleman, Cynthia Corbin, Tammie Coyle, Madison Draper, Vicki Ford, Kim Grace, McKenna Grace, Dick Gray, Alana Hartman, Tracy Hott, Nancy Judd, Andrea Kerns, Leah Kidner, Chelsea Kuykendall, Julie Landis, Ronald Mason, Gerald Mathias, Veva Nield, Susan Parker, Ashlee Quick, Derek Shreve, Nathan Sions, Stephen Starcher, Kathy Strawn, Chad VanMeter, Sarah VanMeter, Bonnie Wilcox and The Mountain Institute.

4-H Camp Outstanding Workshop participants were Art Project A Day: Kaitlyn Hartman, Leah Montgomery, Monica Werner and Daisy Dalrymple; Backyard Woodworking: Nathan Sions (works well on own), Alex Smith (helps others), Brennen Brinker (eager to learn), Landon Dillon (worked hard), Grant Hicks (leader role, helping others), Braxton Burke (eager to learn) and Garrett Allen (eager to learn); Cake Decorating: Courtney Evert, Elleigh Coleman, Ellen Keaton, Kellsey Savage, Vanessa Hicks, Amelia Hicks, Emilynn Corbin, Ella Staley, Monica Werner, Sydney Kaiser, River Boward, Morgan Healy, Margaret Sweet, Victoria Swisher, Mikayla Watson, McKenna Grace, Sada Braithwaite and Lily Braithwaite; Ceramics: Brooke Schutz, Lilly Schutz and Glenna Alt; Chicken Scratch Clover: Gina Ott and McKenzie Eschenfelder; Engineering Challenge: Solomon Boward, Jacob Fisher, Matthew Trimble and Noah Lipps; International Foods: Emma Ramsey, Ella Staley, Mikayla Watson, Natali Haines, Daisy Dalrymple, Makenzie Park and Courtney Evert; Cross Stitch Nametag: Eliza VanMeter, Olivia Lee, Natali Haines; Fishing: Anthony Ratliff; Forestry Adventure: J.D. Colbert, Alex Smith; Native American Dream Catcher: Glenna Alt, Heather Sylvester and Taylor Parenteau; Newspaper: Ellen Keaton, Lindsey Allen, Sarah Ladd, Kaylee Eaton, Kellsey Savage, Macenzie Anderson, Landon Dillon, Caleb Nelson, Kelsey Feller, Jacob Fischer, Lilly Schutz, Josh Hoopengarner, Sada Braithwaite, Savanna Stutzman, Macenzie Eschenfelder, Hannah Corbin, Chloe Hibbs, Shelby Shockey, Liam Corbin, Jocelyn Hartman, Sydney Fischer, Jordan Clark, Hunter McBride, Allison Hott, Hannah Gordon, Taylor Richman, Austin Wright, Alexa VanMeter and John Parker; Nature Hike: Braxton Burke and Christian Hicks; Outdoor Cooking: Courtney Evert, Danielle Slocum, Elijah Gordon and John Parker; Quilting: Catherine Wylie and Alison Twigg; Sign Language: Eliza VanMeter and Victoria Croucher; Stream Exploration: Robbie Quick, Brandon Davis, Jay Lee, Sada Braithwaite, Sarah Ladd and Ellen Keaton; Water Adventures: Desiree Ratliff and Trenton Haines; and Weird Science: Nathan Sions, Morgan Allen, Elleigh Coleman, Wade Shreve, Reagan Rowzee, Austin Wright, Glenna Alt and Mulledy Jane Cook.

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