Details for Wanted to Do

Stump Grinding: Don’t let an unsightly stump ruin your beautiful property. I can grind the stump to below ground level, leaving nothing but natural wood mulch behind. 304-839-5480.

Painting: Custom interior/exterior painting. All phases of painting trade. Old, new. The key to a professional paint job is the preparation of your painting needs. Free estimates. References. 304-289-3957 or 304-851-4999.

Carville Holmes - Stone masonry. Block, brick, general contractor. No.WV047886. 304-531-5820 or 304-492-4020.

Resume Writing. 30 yr Fed Gov employee (GS-15, ret) with years of resume writing and reading experience can help make your resume shine. From entry-level to executive-level positions, government or civilian, it’s all about how your resume presents you to the reader. Reasonable pricing, typically from $50-150, dependent on complexity and position applied for. Call or text Jeff @ 304-951-9075.

Local Computer Repair: A+ CompTIA Certified with 40 years experience. Full service computer repair 7 days/week for Windows based laptops and desktop computers. Cash paid for your unwanted or broken laptops. PH:681-231-1905.

Bush hog, field mowing, large or small acreage. Other tractor services available. 304-839-5480.

Contract Bid Assistance. Need help responding to a government or corporate contract solicitation/bid? I can help you develop a professional package. 30yr Fed Gov Contracting Officer (GS-15, ret). Reasonable hourly rates, call or text Jeff @ 304-951-9075.

Quality Work with low rates. Mowing, trimming. 304-822-5899 or 304-813-2559.


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