State Sen. Charles Trump

CHARLESTON – The West Virginia Senate will consider today a resolution drafted and introduced by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles S. Trump, IV, R-Morgan, which reminds the citizens of Frederick County, Virginia, that Frederick County has a standing invitation to become part of the State of West Virginia.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 has its roots deep within West Virginia’s history: Most of what was originally Hampshire County, when it was formed in 1754, came from what was part of Frederick County. Likewise, Berkeley County was created in 1772 from the northern part of Frederick County.

According to the resolution, most of the territory that is now within the West Virginia counties of Jefferson, Berkeley, Morgan, Hampshire, Mineral, Hardy, and Grant was once part of Frederick County.

In 1862, when Virginia’s government met in Wheeling to consider the formation of a new state, Frederick County was among the counties deemed to be a natural fit as part of the new State. In that year, when the Virginia Legislature, meeting in Wheeling, gave consent of the State of Virginia to form the new State of West Virginia, it expressly provided for Berkeley, Jefferson, and Frederick counties to join the new state if the voters of those counties agreed. The counties of Berkeley and Jefferson thereafter voted to join the new state. Frederick County has not yet done so.

The purpose of the resolution, Senator Trump said, is to let the residents of Frederick County, Virginia, know that the State of West Virginia would still love to have Frederick County join the new state, and that there is a basis in law to believe that the citizens of Frederick County still have the right to vote to join the State of West Virginia if they choose to do so.

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