Covid spreads … and spreads

The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched further into Hampshire County group settings as the number of cases keeps increasing faster and faster here.

The Health Department announced 2 employees at one of Potomac Center’s stand-alone group homes, Phoenix House, on Thursday, a day after it said 3 more employees at Hampshire Center have tested positive.

Neither home has infected residents yet.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Hampshire County had 103 active cases with 10 people hospitalized. Wednesday added 16 confirmed and 9 probable cases to the county’s roster.

Free community testing is avaialable this afternoon and again Saturday at the Hampshire County Fairgrounds dining hall. Hours are 1 to 6 p.m.

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Winterfest tonight

Beginning with the tree lighting at the Romney courthouse at 5:30 p.m., the holiday season officially kicks off in Hampshire County.

The courthouse will be open for 2 hours after the lighting so that visitors can check out their inside décor as well, while visitors are also serenaded by the Ukulele Club. Dan Oates and Dave Long will be having book signings at the Co-op in Romney as well, while Anderson’s Corner will be having Winterfest specials and a wine tasting event.

Check out our complete community calendar at any time.


Bringing back history

The Stump House on River Road reveals its restoration

We’ll also cover:

• How food needs are being met this season

• How incoming Sheriff Nathan Sions sees his 2nd go-round in office.

Pick up a copy of the Review on Wednesday. It’s the best $1.05 you’ll spend this week.

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