Brenda Hiett

I am enjoying some spectacular fall foliage just now.  I can look across the pasture toward the Capon River and see the mountain in all its autumn glory.  It is changing every day.  I am not as appreciative of the brown stinkbugs that have appeared everywhere.  They are much more numerous than wooly worms.  Ethel Haines, my father’s oldest sister who lived in Romney, used to visit us each fall.  She would teach us to gather black walnuts and hickory nuts for delicious treats to be made later.  Large piles of green walnuts were gathered and allowed to soften for hulling.  We always ended up with stained fingers from this process, but it would gradually wear off.  Then the nuts were spread out to dry thoroughly and then we would crack them out.  Applesauce cake cries out for black walnuts to be included in the ingredients and so does homemade chocolate fudge.  The delicate flavor of hickory nuts is wonderful in icebox cookies and sea foam candy.  It is a lot of work, but worth it all.

We have lost 2 Spaid ladies from the community recently.  Carol Spaid and her husband Guy had weekend property here but were Maryland residents.  Doris and her husband were lifetime members of the community.  Doris's cooking and baking skills were well known and loved by anyone who was fortunate to experience them.  Just ask Wendell Moreland about her mincemeat pies!  We extend sympathy and prayers to their families and friends.

Fair View Lutheran Church, located just across the state line in Virginia, has apple butter for sale.  Church members worked hard to produce this fall treat. It is priced at $5 per pint or $8 per quart.  It is selling rapidly; the number to call to reserve yours is 540-336-2561.  I am thinking hot biscuits drenched with butter and topped off with a spoon of apple butter.

The Capon Bridge United Methodist Church is now holding services in the sanctuary and Central Church on Cooper Mountain will be opening back up at the end of the month.  During the time closed by virus precautions, Central Church members renovated their sanctuary and restored some historical details.  I am excited to see the restoration.  Sister Joyce is cooking up some delicious treats, apple pie and apple crisp from apples purchased at Smiths Fruit Market on Cooper Mountain, from Onile Smith and her daughter, Linda.

Our Crochet and Knitting group continues to meet, and we are working on warm hats and scarves for our outreach program.  We would be happy to teach these skills to any interested party. 

Capon Chapel United Methodist Church and Cemetery will be holding a dedication ceremony for 3 Civil War era soldiers on the 1st Sunday in November.  Their history indicates they are some of Capon Bridge's early citizens.  I will have more details later.  In the meantime watch out for black cats, witches, haunts and goblins; it is the season.

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