Harry Spaid

I know the new administration has a lot of issues to take action on: the pandemic, the economy, the environment and social unrest. I hope they will take up another issue that is affecting every citizen in this country: remove the postmaster general who started this mail slow-down by removing machinery from the mail sorting centers which has resulted in mail that is posted from 1 community to another nearby 1 is now taking over a month to be delivered.

On the subject of the coronavirus, as an 85-year-old veteran, I would prefer to get the vaccination locally, but on a phone call to the health department this morning, I was told that I am on the waiting list of 1,000 and they have no idea when it will be available. The VA hospital in Martinsburg has made an appointment for me to get the 1st 1 on Thursday and the follow-up near the end of February. Of course this means 2 100 mile round trips, but hearing every day about another family that has the virus, I will make the trips. I want to do everything that I can do to bring an end to this pandemic.

The Timber Ridge Christian Church is holding a food drive to benefit the Amazing Grace Food Bank through Feb. 8. The church will hold their annual meeting on Jan. 31 and will also hold a communion service on that Sunday. Sunday school and bible are still cancelled for the time being. All church services are held with all health regulations being observed.

Happy birthday wishes to: Angela Jennings, Jan. 29; Millie Triplett, Jan. 31; Julia Flanagan, Feb. 1; Eric Reid, Feb. 4; and Rosie Reid, Feb. 9.

I will be “observing” my 85th birthday on Feb. 8.

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