Beverly Malcolm

What can I wish you at Christmas? You are already blessed with all the things that really count — a wonderful faith, a caring heart, a generous spirit...and so, the most meaningful wish I can make for you is that the same kind of happiness you bring to others will be your Christmas gift this year. Merry Christmas.

Birthday wishes to our great-granddaughter Saraya Owens, Dreama Swope and Jessica Bradley, all Dec. 17; Betty Sulser, Dec. 19; Suzanna Brannon, Dec. 20; Angie Smith and Darla Sturgeon, Dec. 21; Sue Pownell, Dec. 24; Gary Edwards, Dec. 27; Buck Martin and Connor Martin, Dec. 29; and Donna Agnew. Dec. 30.

Anniversary wishes for the holidays to Billy and Brandie Taylor, Dec. 18; Jared and Kelly Shaffer and Zack and Alexis Miller, Dec. 21; Danny and Darlene Combs, Dec. 24; Mike and Gloria McKee, Dec. 29; and Gary and Connie Edwards, Dec. 31.

Finally, some good news: Matt and Taulana Pownell Hamblin welcomed their daughter Anna Marie as a gift from Heaven on Dec. 10. All are doing great. Daddy is walking a little taller, so proud.

Hampshire County Schools had curbside lunches given out Tuesday, Dec. 15, and will not be serving any more until after the first of the year as far as we have been told. Everyone will be on holiday break.

There is not much activity this year because of the virus. Have not heard of church programs or parades.

Our family traveled to Winchester to see “Follow The Star,” which we all enjoyed and stayed in our vehicles. First time they did it that way instead of walking. A lot of work went into the making. We then traveled up 50 to see the lights in Augusta, which were awesome. Hope you take the time to see them.

Maybe it is going to be a white Christmas. We had snow Monday and the weatherman is calling for another one today (Wednesday).

The virus is in very high numbers right now. Maybe the snow will get them down with cold weather. The virus claimed a cousin this week, Fern Montgomery, and another cousin in March living in Indiana.

Sympathy to the Joyce McDonald family, who worked at Food Lion for several years and took the time to say hello; and to the family of Fern Montgomery, who always had a smile and a prayer .

Prayers for Terri Santymire, Mary Stewart, Connie Didawick, Sarah Buckley, Scottie Bohrer, Ethan Sowers and Patti Campbell.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Holidays.

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