Brenda Hiett

I was sorry to hear of the death of Ted Pumphrey. He was very active in Capon Bridge community activities in his younger years. Not many of us can boast such a long life line. I remember when he was active in Fire and Rescue activities and would often see him sitting with Roy Giffin under the awning at the Giffin Funeral Home. He and his wife, Ann, have always been valued members of the Capon Bridge community.

Dean Seldon of Yellow Spring is recovering from a recent illness and is now back at work. He is gradually reaching a full workday.

The Dec. 31 Winchester Star carried an article about a West Virginia woman winning the 2nd prize in the Powerball lottery. Diane Hawse of Yellow Spring (a Hampshire County native) bought her ticket at Round Hill and won 1 million dollars.  Congratulations to Diane and her family! They are deserving folks.

I can’t help but concur with Harry on the state of our postal service. I, too, have not received a Hampshire Review for 3 weeks. I am also missing my Potomac Edison bill and my Frontier telephone bill for December. I can only pray I don’t get cut off. Current junk mail seems to be delivered OK, however, our postal system is now badly flawed. I hope someone is enjoying the Review but I suspect there is a huge backlog hidden somewhere that will never be delivered but will be destroyed.

Pastor Alanna McGuinn held a Zoom Watchnight Service for the Capon Bridge United Methodist charge on New Year’s Eve. I recall such services held years ago at the parsonage in Capon Bridge. Folks both young and old would gather to usher in the New Year. We played dominos and other games, sang hymns, drank hot chocolate and at midnight we rang the church bell, ringing in the New Year. The updated version was a wonderful solution.

I received some unusual Christmas gifts this year. My sister, Joyce, gave me the 2020 White House Historical ornament featuring John F. Kennedy. He was president when I graduated from high school.  She also gave me a Sun Dial.  I haven’t decided where to place it yet. I think I will wait until spring; I don’t want to dig it out of a deep snow. I also received a beautiful, blood red Amaryllis from a friend. I have watched it grow rapidly and then burst into bloom. I plan to pamper it and hope it will bloom for me next year.

I am in the process of taking down Christmas decorations and it is going slowly. New Year’s Day was spent taking down my tree in the shop and the wreaths on my door. This morning we put away the church decorations and we have the courthouse tree and the tree at Taggart Hall to undecorate tomorrow. Somehow, everything expands while in use and will not go back into the original containers that held it.

The Governor has declared our schools will be in session on Jan. 19, 2021. The buses will be back on the highway and the students back in the classroom.  I am praying we will soon be able to resume a normal life. I miss my church, family and community gatherings, friends and even my doctor.

Stay well and happy in the New Year.

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