To fight COVID-19 and keep social distancing, some traditional gatherings are taking a break in 2020.

You can help cemetery associations in the following ways:

Branch Mountain Cemetery at Three Churches is accepting donations to help maintain it. Send checks to Janet Cheshire, treasurer, 1772 Sand Hill Road, Romney WV 26757.

• To donate to Bethel United Methodist Church near Gore or its cemetery, mail a check to Bethel United Methodist Church, c/o Barbara Seabright, 109 Shickle Lane, Gore, VA 22637.

• Malick Cemetery donations can be sent to Malick Cemetery Association c/o Missy Sowers, 385 Hoy Road, Augusta, WV 26704.

• Rock Oak Cemetery donations may be sent to Rock Oak Cemetery, c/o Sue Haines, 6285 Mount Olive Road, Rio, WV 26755.

• Timber Ridge Christian Church in High View canceled its annual memorial service, originally scheduled for June 21. • Donations to maintain the cemetery can be mailed to Timber Ridge Christian Church Cemetery, P.O. Box 66, High View WV 26808.

• Contribute to the upkeep of Hott’s Chapel cemetery by mailing donations to Hott’s Chapel Cemetery c/o Linda Baker, 270 Baker Drive, Romney, WV 26757.

• The annual memorial service at Central United Methodist Church, originally scheduled for last Sunday, was canceled this year. Mail donations to Judy Slonaker, Treasurer, 450 Arthur Lane, Capon Bridge, WV 26711

• Mountaindale Church has postponed its decoration service from June 21 to a date to be determined if conditions permit.

• The Rio church is accepting donations that can be mailed to Mountaindale Cemetery Fund, c/o The Bank of Romney, P.O. Box 876, Romney, WV 26757

• Augusta Cemetery donations may be mailed to Augusta Cemetery, c/o Marsha Sowers, treasurer, 4752 Bloomery Pike, Augusta, WV 26704.

• Donations for the Mt. Union Christian Church Cemetery and the Old Kidwell Cemetery can be sent to Mt. Union Cemeteries, c/o Cathy Thorne, 10521 Cold Stream Road, Capon Bridge, WV 26711

• Fairview Lutheran Church donations may be sent to Fairview Cemetery, 8962 Northwestern Pike, Gore, VA 22637.

• Donations for Old Bethel Cemetery can be mailed to Old Bethel Church and Cemetery fund, c/o Brenda J. Ganoe, treasurer, 60 Grassy Lick Road, Romney, WV 26757.

• Forest Glen Cemetery’s donations can be made to The Bank of Romney in the account for Forest Glen Cemetery (P.O. Box 876, Romney WV 26757), or added to the donation box at the entry of the cemetery.

Branch Mountain Methodist Cemetery at Three Churches is accepting donations to help maintain it. Send checks to Becky Baker, 5900 Jersey Mountain Road, Romney WV 26757 or Joyce Baker, 5362 Grassy Lick Road, Romney, WV 26757.

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