Betty Racey

Starting the New Year out on such a sad beginning for our little corner of Hampshire County with an explosion of Covid cases– prayers are extended to all those affected. 

Looking ahead to brighter days in Horn Camp–the Mayor is in his office and busy with New Year’s paperwork, which includes many orders going out for garden seed–also a reminder to folks using the public bath that social-distancing is in effect.

Mrs. Ruth Loar enjoyed having son Mark Loar and Maria White of Mountain Top, Pa. with her for Christmas, and other visitors during the holidays were Zanna Mathias, Jeff Everett, Jimmy and Courtney Sowers, Kenzie and Lukas, Connie Pyles, Larry Saville and Betty Racey.

Joyce Stilson of Little River, S.C. spent New Year’s holiday with son Rodger Twigg and Cindy and Ali in Augusta.

Company with Ernie and Betty Racey during the holidays was Dwight Racey, Brian Manison, Amanda Twigg, Rodger and Cindy Twigg and Ali, Brad and Laurie Racey and Gabe Simms and Dashelle.

LeAnna Pyles of Winchester, Va. retired last week from her position as Director of Frederick Co.  911 Communications, and she and husband Frank Allanson will be moving into newly built home here in Kirby soon.  Congratulations and welcome to the old homestead of her grandparents Pyles on Ben Saville Rd.

Matthew Padgett of Middleburg, Va. has been spending time at his Pot Lick Cove property.

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